Darkness And Fire

A story of Nico getting back from saving Percy and Annabeth, and meeting a new young girl his age. She's Leo's little sister, Red. Nico is scared that Leo might not lit him date his little sister


5. The New Girl Is Trouble

                                                           Astrid's P.O.V


           I knew she was going to be a problem when she first arrived. Everyone thought she was so special just because she was new! Even Nico liked her. Now that, is a problem. Piper was telling me how I should try to be friends with her. Not going to happen.

          "She's not that bad," Pipes told me over and over again.  Soon enough I gave in when Jason, my boyfriend, was telling me how she's nice.

          "I've been friends with her for about eight years," Jason told me. "She doesn't have much friends."

          "I'll talk to her." I was hoping that he wouldn't actually make me talk to her. Red was obnoxious, rude, Goth, and sassy cassie! She wanted everything to be her way! On Friday, she came into the Aphrodite cabin and said all of the pink should be black. They believed her! Now, the Aphrodite cabin is the Nico cabin!   



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