Darkness And Fire

A story of Nico getting back from saving Percy and Annabeth, and meeting a new young girl his age. She's Leo's little sister, Red. Nico is scared that Leo might not lit him date his little sister


3. Struggle With Fire

                                                 Red's Point Of Veiw


                       Panic goes through my body, the fire only got bigger when I was trying to stop it. Soon, I got to Leo.

                        "LEO," I squeal. "Help. Please."

                        He looks at my hand, and points his pointer finger. The fire twirled with grace into Leo's body. "Feeling just makes it worst. Conceal, don't feel. Has this ever happened?" I shake my head. "Well then, come to me if you need help again."

                         I nodded and went to my little room. I got ready for bed, and tinkered with some tools. I look at my hand in the middle of my tinkering, "What can I cause? What danger could I bring? Am I a weapon now?" I didn't know what to think about this. "I'm still me, I'm the person I grew up to be."

                         That next day, I awake to screams. I look, and I see the reason of the girls screaming. Leo is laughing hard, he had a toy remote control in his hand.

                        I look at the floor. A giant sized metal spider crawled. "OH MY GODS!" I stand on my bed, and join the shrieking of the Girl's Heaphestus cabin.

                        Finally, a girl got Leo and his creepy spider toy out. All the girls calmed down, and we all for ready for breakfast. I was hoping to see that Nico dude again. He was really funny and nice. I liked how he was dressed, he seemed emo, and I liked it. I just didn't want Leo to see me with him and sing Romeo and Juliet to Nico and I. Leo is just a pain to me.

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