Darkness And Fire

A story of Nico getting back from saving Percy and Annabeth, and meeting a new young girl his age. She's Leo's little sister, Red. Nico is scared that Leo might not lit him date his little sister


1. Meeting Someone New

                             Nico's Point Of View


             I thought it would be a normal day at camp, and it wasn't. Another new demigod. A girl. Leo was excited, I don't get that dude sometimes, always excited when there's a new girl at camp. This time, I laughed. This girl was claimed Hephaestus, which Leo wasn't too thrilled about that. She seemed dark, very dark. She wore all black, no sweatshirt. She had black hair, pale skin, and red eyes. She wore a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black leather boots. She didn't seem like someone people would want to talk to, and the weird thing, she's only fourteen. Leo started to tell me all about her, she's in her little cave a lot, she plays guitar, loves to sing, and likes fighting with daggers. She seemed a little cooler after that information. He just wouldn't tell me her name.

              One day, Leo and I were talking. The girl comes behind Leo, and says, "Hello."

               Leo smirked, "Nico, meet your Juliet! You're her Romeo!"

               The girl's eyes widened. "LEO! Gross! Love isn't my kind of game!"

                "So, what's your name?" I needed to get the question out of me.

               "Red." She smirks. 

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