Taco Nightmare

Sarah discovers a mysterious taco land but is it a dream come true or a nightmare?
If you like tacos, adventure and tragedy, this book is for you!


2. The mysterious taco

After a few minutes, I arrive at Taco Mart. Guess what? It's closed. Taco Mart is always open! I also realize that right next to it, there's a Big Donald's. I go inside to get information about Taco Mart. I go up to the cashier; «Hello sir, would you, by and chance know why Taco Mart is closed? ». «No» he says. Ok. «Would you know somewhere else I can buy tacos?». «No». «Ok. Thanks again. Goodbye!» I say. «Hum.» he replies. Well someone's in a bad mood today. Now, where could I find tacos? On the way back home I spot a mysterious taco on the ground. Weird. I walk towards it. It looked so delicious I wanted to eat it even if it was on the sidewalk. Like REALLY badly. I hand out my hand to touch it...and it moves.

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