Taco Nightmare

Sarah discovers a mysterious taco land but is it a dream come true or a nightmare?
If you like tacos, adventure and tragedy, this book is for you!


6. Tacos meet Grace

That little girl had big, frizzy red hair and a huge amount of freckles. «You got caught too?» she asks. «Yup.» I respond. «What's your name?» I ask her «Grace. A lot of people call me carrot top. You?» «I'm Sarah.». I check the time on my IPhone 9. 7:46 AM. Wow. «Since when are you here?» I ask. Grace explained her story. Same thing as me. «You should probably call 911.» she says. Oh yeah! How stupid am I to forget?! I try...no conection. Grrr.

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