Taco Nightmare

Sarah discovers a mysterious taco land but is it a dream come true or a nightmare?
If you like tacos, adventure and tragedy, this book is for you!


4. Taco Wonderland

I can't believe my eyes! I am standing in the most beautiful place on earth. You probably know Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl? Well it was better! It's made out of TACOS!!!!!!!!!! Ok. I am dreaming. «Hello, child» says a deep feminine voice behind me. I turn around. She is blond, pretty um...round and has big glasses. She has an emotionless face which kinda creeps me out. «I see you have found taco land.» «Taco Land?» I ask. «Yes. Every single taco in the world is in here. And when I mean every single, I really mean EVERY single. Including taco making supplies and all that blabla.».she says. «WHAT?» I scream in horror. «WHY!?». «Because I want it all to myself. You can't understand.». What? I can't understand? She's a mad woman or what?! Anger started spreading in my entire body. «So it's because of you I don't have my tacos anymore?!How could you?» Crazy lady: «Bah! It's not a big deal...» NOT A BIG DEAL?!!!! «You don't even feel a tiny bit guilty? You are really crazy and that's why I'm calling the cops.» I declare. «Sweetie, you'll have to stay with me.» says she in a very creepy voice.

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