Taco Nightmare

Sarah discovers a mysterious taco land but is it a dream come true or a nightmare?
If you like tacos, adventure and tragedy, this book is for you!


1. Taco obsession

«NOOOO!!!» I scream. This isn't happening!? Why me?! (cry cry) All my precious tacos are gone! I checked yesterday in the fridge and there were plenty of them! How could this happen? «Why are you yelling like a maniac?! » says my 16 year old brother, Jeff, who just woke up. Oh yeah, by the way, I'm Sarah and I'm 12. I have straight brown and I'm as skinny as a stick. Remember that. «Sarah! » he yells, « Why were you screaming? Is there something wrong? »«Yes» I reply, «We don't have any more tacos! » He glares at me, «Ah, thanks a lot for waking me up at 3 in the morning just for tacos!». Oops...«Well I'm gonna go buy some.» Before he could respond, I was already heading for Taco Mart. 

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