Taco Nightmare

Sarah discovers a mysterious taco land but is it a dream come true or a nightmare?
If you like tacos, adventure and tragedy, this book is for you!


3. A dream full of tacos

A moving taco? I think I'm going crazy or insane. I am probably dreaming. I try to pick it up and it moves again. WTH?! Suddenly, it seems to bounce away from me. A dream. Yup. I'm totally dreaming. The taco was bouncing away from me! I run after it. The faster I run, the faster it bounces away. Towards us (Mr. Taco and I) is a hole. Oh-oh. Mr. Taco hops into it. (I'll call him Mister Taco for now). For a split second, I hesitate. What if this was real? Not a dream?...Bah! Tacos can't bounce so I guess it's a dream. I hop in.

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