Frozen games

Elsa and auna teenage girls had to flee their island due to the tragic outburst of Elsa's ice magic. The girls fled to the unknown country of panem and settled in the district 7 (lumber). The girls were dreading there first reaping in their new surroundings. Elsa's name being put 21 and Auna's 10 times......


1. tears



I clip her deep red hair into an intricate plait and twist it around her delicate head. She signals her hand towards the top of her beautiful silk dress, saved for special occasions, so i button it up to the top of her back and spin her around to inspect her graceful figure and elegant face. As i admire her a small tear escapes from the corner of her crystal blue eye. Suddenly the tv flashes on and i hear the cold unfeeling voice of the evil overlord of this country, President Snow! "BREAKING NEWS, the games are becoming interesting this year 3 girls and 3 boys between the age of 12 and 16, and 3 girls and 3 boys between the age of 17 and 18 will be entered into the games . The radio crackles and stops, the room goes silent until Anna lets out a small whimpering sob, i pull her close to my chest and hold her tight. She bursts into uncontrollable tears but i just pull my arms tighter around her dainty body. Being alone for years has taught us both to rely on each other. Next thing i know, after what seemed like a long period of tears soaking into my amber shirt, there is a loud bang on the front door. I drag my self through the shabby shack of a house and pull open the rotting door to find a peace keeper smugly standing out side my door. "Its time" he snorts. I run through to the bedroom to find Elsa with a knife to her wrist i scream at her to stop and her head jolts up she makes eye contact with me i just shake head my and she drops the knife immediately. I remember what the time is there is not time to review this and with that i throw on my coral netted dress, it fits perfectly around my waist and shows one of the only good things about my dull character, my slightly exciting curves!


Anna's POV

Elsa drags me through the door out into the icy cold square by her gloved hands. We part our ways into the sections, me in tears and Elsa as always holding back all emotion. I see all the parents of the vast amounts of children and young adults. I feel a spark of sadness beat in my heart as i remember my parents, my lovely nurturing mother and my tough courageous father. But not now, all i need to concern myself with today is me and Elsa coming out of this disturbing excuse if an event un- maimed! I hear a shrill voice speak into the microphone. Of course its Effie trinket the extravagantly dress, whimsical lady. She struts around the stage giving a repetitive speech and finishes it with the renowned phrase "May the odds be ever in your favor" she exclaims in her dull capitol accent. 


Elsa's POV

The posh freak waddles over to the spherical bowl that determines the next chapter of our lives she pulls out the 12-16 year old boys names out first and the 3 devastated boys shuffle onto the stage and get pulled into Effies tight under arm grip all on the verge of tears. She then, again waddles in her revolting shoes over to the bowl, picks out the names and reads them out one by one, this guy that guy but.... I freeze wait that's my sisters name "Anna Of Arendale"!! "noooooo i volunteer" i howl. Effie replies in a blunt tone "sorry you can only volunteer for people in your age group." I lunge forward to climb on the stage to rip her throat out but some one grabs me by the collar. I stand there next thing i know i am being stared at by a hundred eyes and hearing my name! No this cant be not both of us....


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