Frozen games

Elsa and auna teenage girls had to flee their island due to the tragic outburst of Elsa's ice magic. The girls fled to the unknown country of panem and settled in the district 7 (lumber). The girls were dreading there first reaping in their new surroundings. Elsa's name being put 21 and Auna's 10 times......


2. hugs

Elsa's POV

The crowd are still unsettled and howling after my scene. I feel peetah loosen his grip from my shoulder but I just sink to the ground. My knees scrape against the rough, wet concrete square. I can feel the glares of the whole district burning into my mess of a body laying there in helpless pile. I knew that it was time... time to peel myself up and face the humiliation of the hundreds of people that witnessed my 'break down'. I start to pull my limbs up but before I am fully recovered an impatient peace keeper dragged me fully upright and marched me onto the stage. As soon as I reach the centre I am embraced by the uncomfortable hug of Effie trinket. I shake out of her grip, irritated I glance over at Anna she looks bemused by the whole endeavour. We are pushed to the back of the stage as Effie dribbles on, announcing the other names. We are given minutes to say our goodbyes.

Anna's POV

There is only one person I want to say goodbye to: christoph. He joined us on the journey to panem after Anna's 'episode'. Him and Sven run a stall on the black market as he is to old to be in the reaping so there is no tesare for him to live off. Peetah is a great friend but he isn't for me more like Elsa. As I stand staring it to space I feel a hand make contact with my wrist and drags me forward. Soon I realise this figure is Anna I stop resisting and move willingly. We reach a room and christoph is in there, I leap into his arms and he holds me tightly I squueze him back just as hard. I whisper to him "I will be back I promise you." He just pulls me in felt like hours that we just stood their in total silence enjoying our last moments untill another peace keeper bursts in demanding me to leave. Christoph softly kisses me with his smooth lips, a shiver shoots down my spine. Our fingers stay interlocked until we can stretch no more and as I release my grip a tear escapes my eye and trickles down my cheek. The smug man dressed in whites shoves me through the train doors into this surreal, futuristic carriage.

Elsa's POV

I feel so helpless and isolated from the word peetah hugs me and tell me his advice but it just goes out the other side of my ear. My brain cannot comprehend anything currently as it has turned to mush from the shock. I tell him in a quite miserable tone that I love him and will never forget him. His lips touch my frowning forehead delicately as I am hauled through the building towards the large carriage that awaits our arrival. I step onto the shaking shuttle and the doors slam shut. All I see before the bullet shoots off is an arm rise with three fingers out stretched and hear the sound of rebellion: gun shots shouts and screams if pain and discomfort...

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