Little Zoey


2. Getting Zoey Settled

* Zayn's Point Of View *

After 20 minutes of fussing with the car seat we finally manage to pull out of the orphanage without loosing Zoey. 'Guys, we have to go to Babies 'R' Us and Hone Depot' Niall says his eyes fixed on Zoey. 'Your absolutely right Niall' Harry says. We drive in the direction of Babies 'R' Us. All I'm saying is Thank Goodness that we took Louis' car. It's huge enough to fit everything we are going to need. I look over at Zoey. She is so perfect. Her big brown innocent eyes with her straight chocolate brown hair and her soft white skin with a hint of tan. I stare at her wondering who would get rid of an angel like this? I promise myself that I will never let someone hurt her and I will protect her with my life. I will care for her like a parent would. She's lucky. Instead of having a mother and father. She has 5 dads/brothers to protect her. She's our little Zoey.

After about a half hour we arrive at Babies 'R' Us. We walk in with Zoey in Niall's arms. We get rude stares since Zoey is only in a white onesie and white socks. But she has a smile on her face and stares in amazement. Louis takes her from Niall and puts her in the cart. The first thing we need is a crib. We walk towards the cribs and find a perfect cherry wooden crib. We take a box off the shelf and put it under the cart. Then we go to get the stroller. We walk towards the aisle. Honestly I want to find one as perfect as Zoey is but that'll be impossible. 'Hey Lads what about this one' Harry says pointing at it. It's brown and pink and has a car seat with it. He pulls it down and it looks perfect. We show Zoey and she claps her hands and smiles. Liam takes a box and puts it in the cart. After about 3 hours we got the crib, stroller, a whole bunch of bottles, baby utensils, baby food, bibs, a supply of supers and wipes, a bouncy seat, toys, a lot of clothes (onesies, shirts, pants, shorts, socks) , about 13 pairs of shoes with soft bottoms and hard bottoms, sippy cups,blankets and little pillows a high chair, and a pack and play. We spent a lot of money I'm there. It was 6 o'clock and we were all starving. So we drove to Nando's for dinner. Since Zoey is so young, we give her her baby food while we eat the delicious fast food. Liam is like an expert at this baby feeding thing. 'Oh no' Harry says. We all look at him. Zoey needs a diper change. Niall offers 'I'll take her he says.' He grabs the doper bag we threw together in the car and takes Zoey.

*Niall's Point Of View*

I take Zoey and the diper bag and go towards the men's room. Poor little Zoey. I walk into the bathroom entrance and take out a wipe and wipe down the changing station. Then, I place Zoey on it. I strip her out of the onesie that she had on in the orphanage and throw it in the trash can. I take off the diper and see a load of pee. I shrug it off and tell myself to get use to it. After I change her diper I wipe her down with a wipe and put a new white onesie on her. Then I change her socks and put pink ones on her. I put a brown and pink shirt with brown soft pants and kiss her head. She looks so presentable now. I walk out of the bathroom with her just as the lads are cleaning off our table. Zoey is making tired noises so we decide it's time to go to Home Depot before we go home. We get into the car and Zoey falls asleep. Zayn goes to the back of the car and gets out one of her soft blankets and places it on her. We fidget around with the car seat before we pull off. We drive 20 minutes to Home Depot and park the car. I unbuckle Zoey and take her sleeping body out of the car. Liam shuts the car door behind me. Now we have to find paint and wall decorations and baby proofers. We get a couple cans of a light pink for her room and a light purple carpet. Then we get the baby proof stuff. After that, we're finally on our way to get the wall decorations. We get these princess things that you stick around the top border of the wall and night lights for her room. Then we get princess wall stickers for around the walls. After that we pay and shove everything in the car. I'm getting pretty good at this seat buckling thing so after 5 minutes we can go home.

We arrive home an hour later. Zoey wakes up as soon as the car turns off. 'Welcome Home sweetheart' Harry says walking to unlock the door. Zayn and Liam immediately get the bags out while Louis talks to Simon on the phone. I take Zoey in the house and sit on the couch with her. After all the bags are inside we set up the pack and play for Zoey to sleep in tonight in the living room. I give her a sippy cup of apple juice and water, change her diper and clothes and lay her down. She makes these baby noises with the apple juice and falls asleep. We go up to the spare room that is now Zoey's and start to paint it so she'll be able to sleep in it the following night. After we paint we lay the carpet down. It's 6 a.m. and none of us got a minute of sleep. We are working off of coffee. After the walls are dry, we set up the crib which takes a while. Then we push it against on of the walls in the room. Then we push the dresser back in. After everything in her room is settled it's 9 a.m. We go downstairs and sit on the couch. Finally we can relax before she wakes up. We all wind up falling asleep. I wake up and it's 3 p.m. All the lads are playing around with Zoey. She is clean and changed so they had to be up for a while. 'Niall, Simon said that we have a 5 month break so we have time with Zoey. But don't worry we still get payed' Harry says. 'Thats wonderful' I said with a big smile on my face. Finally. A break. And Zoey is getting settled

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