It's not over yet. (The 76th Hunger Games)

We huddle impatiently in the town center after being told that there was some important news for us to see. All of a sudden groups of trucks came driving through with an oddly familiar symbol on the side. It was eagle with it's wings spread inside a ring... Where had I seen it before? I think I saw it in history class before. After five minutes of setting up, a strange man whose skin represented the colour of the sea while his hair resembled a messy cloud. I don't even want to describe his make up, it was too 'unique'. "Welome!" He had a too posh accent to be around these areas, "To the 76th Hunger Games!" What the hell?!
Kay Banes is a 15 year old girl who lives in Panem twenty years after the whole revolution. What happens when a group of Snows loyal followers want revenge on the districts. Read to find out more.


2. chapter 1

We all stand there frozen except for all the adults who start screaming and shouting. When I hear my name being called, I look to see all adults being beaten by the tall men in white suits, until they stopped. My eyes lock with my mum's before we goes down by the force of a batting stick, I don't know if she was dead or not so I try pushing my heavy feet towards her but am unsuccessful. Blocking me was the boy my friend liked, his arm wrapping around my front. Desperately, I stare into his blue eyes to let me check on her but he shakes his head "No, they'll just hurt you instead." I angrily try to shake him off but  he grips on tighter, pulling me into his chest. "Why do you even care?" I snapped at him but he just stayed quiet, positioning me so I can't see the crowd behind me, just the stage. 

After it all dies down the announce begins again by trotting over to a fish bowl. "Ladies first!" His hand hungrily dips into the pile of paper slips, searching for the unfortunate name. Triumphantly, it resurfaces. The whole world slowed down making mine and the boy's, whose name I now remember is Carter,   heart beat be the only thing I could hear. I start to loosen my grip on him to focus on the strange and colorful man.  "Kay-" NO! No, it can't be, it won't be! "Watson!" I inwardly sigh with relief as I hear screaming and yelling from a woman trying to grab her shaking daughter but being hit until she is unconscious. I'm safe. I think to myself repeatedly, I'm safe. I feel a hand rubbing small circles on my back and realize Carter was still holding me. Breaking free, I go to check on my mum but still focus my ears on the announcer. Where is she? "Mum?" I whisper Where the hell are you? "Mum?" "Let's do the boys now shall we?" I start to pick up a pace into a jog now Where are you mum? "Carter Morgansteen!" I freeze in my spot and spin around to face him. He shakes like the previous victim but his eyes look desperate for me to say something though I can't. I stand there speechless as he is urged on by peace keepers. He means nothing to you, carry on I try to convince myself but miserable fail while I sniffle my way around looking for my mum. 

I find her finally, cramped and curled up on the step of the butcher shop, clutching desperately onto her back. Sprinting over to her I brush the wet and sticky hair out of her face, my hands coming back bloody. "What have they done to you?" I ask to no one in particular. Her trembling hand reaches up and strokes my cheek. "I'm here mum, I'm here." I whisper softly to her before carefully dragging her bloody and lifeless body home.

She lays herself on the table, exposing the huge gash on her back by the left side of her rib cage while I go for the first aid kit, a glass of water, a towel and an ice pack.  I have no idea what to do so I first put some ice on her back. "Ahhh!" She grits her teeth but soon relaxes slightly. "Here take these!" I say handing her some antibiotics and a glass of water. Next I find some rubbing alcohol and hope to dear god that you're supposed to use this for open wounds, then I gingerly place it on the wound. Wincing, she grabs the towel and bites down on it  Finally I wet some cotton buds, placing them on the wound then holding them down by wrapping a bandage around her making it tight but not so it suffocates her. "Any better?" I ask anxiously. "Mhm, could just pass me the ice though?" The ice? "Oh yeah, sure!" I scramble for the ice and pass it to her quickly. "You're good at this stuff." My ears perked up "Really?" I ask hopefully "Well when I say good, I mean you could stop them from dying but..." I roll my eyes, letting out a hearty laugh.

I clean the table while mum and dad are in the living room talking about 'the house' but I know they're really just talking about what happened earlier. Surprisingly not many people have asked about it but they're probably just too scared. I get some containers for the live viewing of the tribute parade later. Apparently we're supposed to gather in town with everyone for four hours to watch it all and since it's near winter we can bring things like sleeping bags, blankets, tents, you know like a picnic. I get some strawberries, left over chocolate cake from my birthday a few weeks ago, sausage rolls ect. When finished, I head upstairs to get me some blankets.  Tracing my hands along the staircase banister I come across a class photo hanging loosely on the wall. I sat their, flashing a big front toothless grin, while next to me was...Carter. My heart plunges for a mili-second before I ignore it and carry on finding sheets. 

a/n I didn't really know what happened in this chapter but here ya go!

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