Amy Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Amy Harn is the twin sister of Harry Potter. Well, technically she is Amy Potter, but she was adopted, so her surname would be Harn, but she's still a Potter, 100%. She is almost more famous than her brother, Harry. She was the lost twin. The one they think died. But there are still wizards, such as Dumbledore, or even Snape, who think otherwise. Who KNOWS otherwise. And Amy will face challenges that not even Harry could imagine.


5. Three

"Welcome to Diagon Alley." My father says, as I look around. Witches and Wizards of all ages walk out of various magical shops. I turn around, taking in the magical feel. My father chuckles, before ruffling my long hair.

"This is so wierd. But I know I belong... here. In the midst of the magic. I can feel it!" I reply, a warm feeling surging through me.

"That's how I felt when I first came here. I'm so glad you're a witch." He says. "Now, time for a wand. Let's find Ollivander's. It's the best wand shop around."

We enter a small cozy shop, lined with rectangular boxes,  almost spilling out on the floor. The shelves tack to the roof, as my dad walks up to the counter. 

An old man with hair as white as snow looks to my father. His pale eyes are wide, wrinkles covering his face. His shimmery eyes look out of place on his old face. 

"Hello." He simply says, as my father has me step to the counter. The man's eyes sparkle even more. I have a feeling he's Ollivander. His grim face lights up with a wierd smile.

"Ahh. Let's see now... yes." He says, pulling down a box. He open's it, revealing a stick with small lines carved around the end. "Oakwood, eleven inches, very springy, and a unicorn hair core." He says. I pick the wand up, and before I'm able to do anything, he grabs it from my hand.

"No. But... maybe?" He pulls a box down.

"Mahogony, thirteen inches, dragon heartstring." He tells me. My fingers barely touch it before he snaps the lid back on. I'm in shock, a she pulls out another wand.

"Aspen wood, slightly springy, twelve inches, pheonix feather." He tells me. I pick it up, and a feeling of warmth stars tingling at my fonger tips, before rushing throuhh my body. Emerald green sparks the color of my eyes spring from the tip. "Interesting. So very interesting. This very pheonix gave only two other feathers. But never mind that. This is the wand for you. The wand chooses the wizard. And this wand chose you. You will learn things from your wand, as your wand from you." He says, handing me the case.

My dad hands him some of the galleons, before we walk out. My wand is slightly bent, the tip ending straight. The handle is carved as a leaf, carvings of glass blades on the rest.

"The wand chooses the wizard. This wand chose me." I mutter, staring at it. I put it back in the case Mr. Ollivander gave me. The case it came in. My father reaches into his pocket, and pulls out his wand. I curiously stare at him, wondering.

"Oak wood. Thirteen inches, unicorn hair." He says, before putting it back. The end sticks out of his pocket. I wonder what Hogwarts would be like. 

"C'mon. Let's go to Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions. " He says, leading me to a shop where long robes are set on display. I stare in awe at them, before walking inside.

A woman, Madam Malkin, slips a long black robe over my head, while I stand completely still. She starts working on pinning the robe to fit me, as I try to make as little movement as possible. She flits around me, pinning the hogwarts robe.


I stare at all the animals, from owls to cats, to toads, to rats... My dad said I can choose which typenof animal I want. I think that's pretty cool. I search around the shop, looking at all the animals. Until I come across one certain animal.

It has big black eyes that shimmer, and a yellow beak almost as small as my pinkie. It has light brown feathers, ruffled. It's a barred owl, but I can tell it's not quite an adult, more an owlet. As I walk towards it, it starts hooting, softly. I can tell that this is the owl for me. 

"Dad, this is my owl." I tell him, dragging him towards the owlet. My father scratches his head, before giving a 'are you sure?' look. He runs his fingers through his hair. 

"Amy, are you sure? I mean, he's not even an adult. He's an owlet. And I want to make sure th-" He starts, before I cut him off.

"I want him. I can tell he's mine." I say. My dad pays for him, as he did all my school supplies, and we walk out of diagon alley, and go home. All I can do is await for Hogwarts to start, as my dad sends Mystic, my new owl, to tell that I'll attend Hogwarts. 

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