Amy Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Amy Harn is the twin sister of Harry Potter. Well, technically she is Amy Potter, but she was adopted, so her surname would be Harn, but she's still a Potter, 100%. She is almost more famous than her brother, Harry. She was the lost twin. The one they think died. But there are still wizards, such as Dumbledore, or even Snape, who think otherwise. Who KNOWS otherwise. And Amy will face challenges that not even Harry could imagine.


6. Four

"AMY COME ON!" My dad shakes me awake, and a blearily look up to the clock on my bedside tabe. The time is a blur, as I blink a couple times, trying to focus. Before I can check the time again, my dad starts talking.

"We need to go! The train leaves in an hour!" 

I get up, moving around like a zombie. I don't look at what I put on, stumbling around the room. As soon as I'm dressed, I tear the brush through my tangled red hair.

I walk out of my room, with all my stuff packed, I lug my three huge chests into my dad's small car. Dad carries Mystic's giant cage, and places it in the back seat. I hop into the front seat, as dad starts the car up. We drive for what seems like hours, each second ticking by, each minute pacing itself, as if time slowed down.

FINALLY we arrive at Kings cross station, the grand bell ringing. Dad checks his watch, and gasps.

"Oh gosh honey, I'm going to be late for work, look, the train leaves in half an hour, so you need to scoot, right?  Ohh I have to go, love you darling!"

With my chests dumped onto a cart, he jumps into his a car and flees. I sigh. Staring at my train ticket, my eyes go open in shock. Platform 9 /34? Is this someones idea of a joke? I lug my stuff into the station, and try and look for my destination. I scour the station, but see no platform 9 3/4.

A huge surge of people rush past me, nearly making Mystics cage fall open, I hear a girl mutter,

"It becomes harder and harder every year! Seriously how can we get to platform 9 3/4  when there are a gazillion people watching us!" My ears perk up, 9 and 3/4? That's where I need to go!

I follow the voice of the grumbling lady, until I see her. She isn't alone, a whole plethora of people that look exactly like her follow her closely, together, like a pack of wolves, all looking alike. Same flaming red hair like mine, blue eyes, and pale skin. Although it's hard to tell, for their faces are covered in freckles. I was about to tap her on the shoulder, but someone else beat me to it. A boy with long shaggy black hair, and bright amazing green eyes, the color of mine. His eyes... They look so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it...

I watch quietly as they run through the middle of a wall, right between platform 9, and platform 10. The black haired boy goes after three of them, looking very shocked. He's probably just as scared as I am.

Next, the last of the boys go. I am sure he's the youngest, not being quite as tall as the others. But he is much taller than me, I can tell, just by a short glance. He runs through, the same way the others do. I don't bother to ask the red haired woman for help, since I'm already sure of what to do.

After her and her daughter pass through, I brace myself. I take a deep breath, before running. I keep running, closing my eyes right on impact...

I pass through the wall, running into someone. I fall backwards, before scrambling to my feet. I run around my cart to help the person I ran into. She's on the ground, and I reach out my hand towards her. She takes it, and I pull her up, looking sincere.

"I'm really sorry. Are you okay?" I ask. The girl is about my height with frizzy brown hair. She brushes herself off. I nervously smile.

"Yes. I'm Hermione. I'm in my first year this year." She says. I can tell she's just as eager to make friends as I. Or, she's keeping a tab on me, so she can seek her revenge later. Anyway, I answer her.

"Amelia Harn, First year as well. If you would like, you can call me Amy." I put out my hand for her to shake it, which she does.

"Well, Amy, would you like to get on the train?" She asks. I am giddy with excitement, knowing I have made a new friend.


Hermione and I sit on the train, talking about school. I am delighted to find someone who shares my same interest in the subject.

"What house would you want to be in? I definitely won't want to be in Slytherin. And though Hufflepuff is fine, I don't see myself ending up there. And I'm not saying Ravenclaw is bad, it's just Gryffindor is where I want to end up. Where the brave of heart dwell." I say. Hermione thinks it over.

"Ravenclaw would be where I want. It's where the smartest go, if you don't know." She says. I nod my head, as two of the red headed boys from earlier walk in. They have a friend with him, but he leaves out the other door, as the two redheaded boys stop to look at us.

"Look at it, George, a couple of first years. And the girl has hair like us!" The one on the right says. I look up at them. They look like twins, almost identical.

"Yes, Fred. And overhearing their conversation, I would say that neither of them would have a pranking bone in their body. Such a shame, Fred. But I guess we'll have to teach Ronnie to prank." George, the one on the left replies. I stand up.

"You have no idea what I am capable of." I tell them. They smile.
"What about you?" They ask Hermione. She scoffs, sticking her nose back in her book. "I have no use for such foolish wastes of time." She says. I smile.

"Well, anyway, I'm Amy. Amy Harn." I say. They nod their heads.

"I'm Fred." The one on the right says. I already know this, yet out of courtesy, I still nod my head.

"And I'm George. We're the Weasley twins, trouble makers of Hogwarts." The other one says. I nod my head, smiling.

"We hope you get into Gryffindor! Maybe then we can plan pranks, and see what you're really made of!" Fred says, before he and George exit the compartment. Just as they do, a boy Hermione and my age bursts into the room. He has a worried expression on his face.

"Have any of you seen at toad?" He asks.

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