Popularity Before Heaven

April's POV
Hi my name is April and I have a wonder full life! My dad is rich and my boyfriend is the quarter back on the football team! Then one day I get into a car crash and I died! I start going up the checkpoint before you go to heaven. A guy asked me for my name and I tell him.
"You can't go to heaven sorry darling, next." He said
"Why can't I." I said
"You haven't been good." He said.
"Is there any way I can get there." I said
"Well there is on thing you can do! You have to make Marcel popular and get the crown at prom." He said
"No,No, He's a Nerd." I said


4. chapter 4

April's POV

I thought spirits don't experience pain but i guess i thought wrong. This was like a Living Nightmare coming to life. i can't believe he would do that to me. i look on the counter and i see a note.

Note sayed: 

April Moore's Funeral

Where: At the High School in the Gymnasium 

When: At 10:00 Tuesday

(It explained more)

"It's today" i said in shock

I walked in the school and walked in the Gym and saw the audience was full of people. I walked to the front the stage and started yelling.

"Can you guys see me." i said and no one answered. i walked up to my best friends and i see them texting each other.

J= June M= Meghan

J= Hey 

M= Hey

J= Finally Aprils dead

M= Ikr

J=She was so annoying

M= Like seriously

J= I couldn't stand being by her

M= Me either

I was so mad i walked away and stand at the front the stage yelling. I saw that nerd i bumped into that one day, looking at me.

"You can see me" i said and starting walking towards him. he starts walking out of the gym and i start running over to him. i caught up to him and tapped his shoulder and he looked at me.

"I thought your dead." he said

"Yes i am." i said

"i think im going crazy" he said and walked away.

"don't walk away form me." I said

"What do you want?" he said

"I can't go to Heaven until i make you popular." i said

"Yeah like thats going to happen" He said. 

This is going to be hard i thought to myself. Hes not the type of person to be popular.

"Oh, you need to new clothes like A.S.A.P" I said

"I don'y have alot money like you." He said

"I can make it work though." I said

"Ok, Whatever." He said and rolled his eyes

First stop the Mall!


Hey guys i hope you liked this story! I might be putting this on hold for a little bit so beware! Unless someone might want to Co-Author it. Well comment what you think! Like and Favorite!




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