Popularity Before Heaven

April's POV
Hi my name is April and I have a wonder full life! My dad is rich and my boyfriend is the quarter back on the football team! Then one day I get into a car crash and I died! I start going up the checkpoint before you go to heaven. A guy asked me for my name and I tell him.
"You can't go to heaven sorry darling, next." He said
"Why can't I." I said
"You haven't been good." He said.
"Is there any way I can get there." I said
"Well there is on thing you can do! You have to make Marcel popular and get the crown at prom." He said
"No,No, He's a Nerd." I said


3. chapter 3

April's POV

I started to open my eyes because there was a light and i found me outside of my body. i started to cry and i just walked away into the light.Then i found myself at this judging table place and i don't really know what it was, it was really crowded. i tapped on the person shoulder that was in front of me.

"Is this what death is like?" i asked

"Yup." the person said in front of me and the person walked away. i saw there were three lines for judging tables. i got in the 3rd line because it was a short line. After a while i was up and i sat in the chair to talk to the person who was judging. 

"What is your name?" the judge said

"My name is April Moore" i said and he was typing on the computer.

"Umm....Sorry Miss April you cam't go to heaven" the judge said

"Why" i asked

"You have been to mean. NEXT!" the judge said

"Wait, what can do to go back to heaven" i said

"well there is one thing you can do..... you have to make Marcel popular and get the crown at prom." the judge said

"NO he's a nerd" i said

"Well then you don't want to go to heaven" the judge said

"Fine i'll do it." i said

"Ok. Bye." the judge said and he wave hes hand. like in 2 seconds i found i was back in my room.

"Yes, im in my body again," i said and i started to walked down stairs.

"Mom!" i said happily and my mom started to walk to me. Then she walked through me.

"I guess im not alive" i said and then the doorbell rang. My mom went and got it, it was Logan, my boyfriend. 

"Here this use to be April, i though you want this more than me." he said. i looked behind him and saw he had a different girlfriend already. i can't wait until this is over so i don't have to feel so much pain.


Sorry i haven't been updating because i have been busy with homework and activities. i hoped you guys liked the story.






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