Popularity Before Heaven

April's POV
Hi my name is April and I have a wonder full life! My dad is rich and my boyfriend is the quarter back on the football team! Then one day I get into a car crash and I died! I start going up the checkpoint before you go to heaven. A guy asked me for my name and I tell him.
"You can't go to heaven sorry darling, next." He said
"Why can't I." I said
"You haven't been good." He said.
"Is there any way I can get there." I said
"Well there is on thing you can do! You have to make Marcel popular and get the crown at prom." He said
"No,No, He's a Nerd." I said


2. Chapter 2

April's POV 

The day has been going by so slow. Then finally the bell rang and I started put my stuff in my bag. Then Logan came over to me.

"Hey. I want to ask you a question." He said

"What is it?" I asked

"Do you want to come to my party tonight." Logan asked me


"Ok. See you at the party." Logan said

After he said that and then he left. I hurried up packing my bag and then I grabbed my bag. I left the classroom and found my friends.

"Hey guys." I said

"Hey April." They both said

"Are you going to Logan's party tonight?" June said 

A/N: June is one of my friends that is talking to me and the other one is named Megan

"Why wouldn't I go." I said

"Well I don't know." Megan said

"Well I have to go see ya guys." I said and left to my car

I found my car and throw my bag to the seat next to me. Then I turn on my car and drove off. It took 10 minutes to get to my house. I got to my house and parked my car. I hopped out of the car and ran inside. Once I got inside, I ran to my room to pick a dress. I went to my closet and when I opened it I found the prefect dress. I put it on and twirled around in it.

"Hey, April." My little sister Summer said

"Do u like my dress." I said still twirling around in it.

"yea, you look BEAUTIFUL." She said with her eyes wide open

"Thanks, now I have to go." I said

"Where?" She said. 

She was always so nosy.

"None of your business." I said

"Then I have to tell mom that you are hitting me." She said bratty

"Fine, I'm going party now be quiet." I said as I hand her so cash.

It was almost time for the party to start so sneaked to my car and hopped in. I drove about for 2 minutes and then all of the sudden a car hits me. My head went back and forth, also side to side. Everything turned black.


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