Best Vacation Ever

When 18 year old Madison Wagner goes on a spring break trip with her best friends, she didn't except to see her least favorite pop star, Justin Bieber. But what will happen when Justin falls for Madison? Will Madison accidentally trip and land right into Justin's arms? Read to find out ;)


6. Chapter 6

Maddies P.O.V.

The next thing I knew I was sitting on a stool in the center of the stage with Justin Bieber caressing my cheek and singing One Less Lonely Girl to me.

I sat there in shock- and he was in shock too, I could see the recongnization of me in his eyes. He knew who I was.

I smiled at him and he smiled back in a warm, sweet way. When an instrumental part came he whispered to me "it's you" and I just simply nodded, I didn't really care that much: sorry if that sounds bad.

I just had to keep a smile on my face so my friends wouldn't be mad.

When the song was over Justin gave me flowers and the dancers took my hand and led me back off stage. That when Justin came running back just as I was saying goodbye to the crew and heading back to my friends.

"Wait! Wait!" He yelled. I turned around and looked into his hazel eyes.

"Uh, yes?" I replied, not really sure what he wanted.

"I-I saw you today. At the store..?" He asked. "Yup that was me. Thanks!" I said trying to go back to my friends.

He grabbed my wrist and I turned around and shot him a 'wtf' look.

"Sorry. It's just- you're gorgeous. And I.. Um.. I was wondering if I could get your number and we could ya know... Hang?" He asked nervously.

Wait what? He wanted to hang out with ME?! Why? Instead of asking these questions I replied with a 'sure' and we exchanged phones and he put his number in mine and I did the same to his.

He smiled that smile that would make most girls melt, while instead I just shrugged it off and smiled a no emotion smile. And with that I turned around and left.


It was the next day after the concert. I was in bed and I checked my phone to look at the time. 8:47 a.m. Ugh, too early I thought to myself.

I felt around my side table for the remote to my tv and found it, and turned it on. I watched E! News and listened to the latest celebrity gossip. That's when I heard my phone beep indicating that I had received a text.

I looked at it to see who it was from. It said 'that cutie Justin' and instantly knew it was Justin.

From: That Cutie Justin

To: Maddie (OLLG)

Hey cutie! Mind meeting me on the Maui Sunshine beach? xx

I smiled as I read it. Nobody really called me cutie.

To: That Cutie Justin

From: Maddie

Sure! What time should I meet u? Xx :)

I sent it and he replied with 10:30. That was in like 2 hours. I got up out of bed and went into the bathroom to turn on the shower.

I stripped down and did my normal shower routine and wrapped a towel around me and walked back into my room. I assumed the other girls weren't up yet, so I tried to be quiet. They always slept in late.

I went to my closet and picked out a bright pink bikini just in case I mean we were going to the beach right? And put some short shorts on and a lace see through top.

I pulled on my outfit and went to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I dried my still wet hair and styled it to look like beach waves.

I then pulled out my concealer and applied my eyeliner and mascara to my blue eyes. When I was finally satisfied with my look I grabbed my phone and stuffed it in my pocket.

I walked out of my room and into the kitchen in our hotel room and opened the fridge. I pulled out a bottle of juice and grabbed a granola bar for my breakfast.

While I was eating and scrolling on Instagram, someone knocked on the door. I went to look through the peephole and to my surprise it was Justin. I grabbed my flip flops and walked out to meet him.

"Hey!" He smiled. "Hi" I replied shyly.

"I'm glad you could meet me." He said. "Yeah me too, I haven't told my friends though, but when they find out, they're gonna freak!" I chuckled and so did he.

He took my hand and intertwined it with his as we walked to his car from the hotel. I looked up at him and smiled.

Maybe he wasn't as bad as I thought.

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