Best Vacation Ever

When 18 year old Madison Wagner goes on a spring break trip with her best friends, she didn't except to see her least favorite pop star, Justin Bieber. But what will happen when Justin falls for Madison? Will Madison accidentally trip and land right into Justin's arms? Read to find out ;)


5. Chapter 5

Paige's P.O.V.

After we got back to the hotel after shopping for food, Mads was acting really strange. I asked her things and she just nodded or mumbled something while staring off into space. And this all started after she ran into someone at that store.


The girls and I were currently in my room, we had all decide to take turns going to eachothers rooms and helping each of us pick out something to wear.

I was wearing high waisted floral shorts with a white bandeau top so only a little bit of my stomach was showing. I added a little makeup to make my gorgeous blue eyes and waist length blonde hair and tanned skin stand out.

Jaden wore a cute black pencil skirt with a royal blue flowy Aztec design print shirt tucked into her skirt with silver gladiator sandals. She looked amazing as always with her straight chocolate shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes.

Carley on the other hand was going more fancy. She wore a bright pink dress with her long blonde hair wanded neatly down her back with subtle but amazing makeup and black pumps.

Lindsay wore a short flowy skirt with a tight purple top. She had a few diamond necklaces on. Casual but she still looked amazing. She had long dirty blonde hair with green eyes and tanned skin with a bit of freckles here and there.

Now Maddie was probably the best looking out of all of us. She could look good in anything. Literally. Like tonight she wore high waisted shorts also, but they were plain white while she wore a flowy purple crop top, as purple was her favorite color. She also had silver flats on with a simple diamond necklace and dangly earrings. Her hair was neatly curled down her back too. And amazing makeup as always.


We all grabbed our phones, which we all had matching cases on, they all said "believe" on them with black and gold diamonds on it. We looked stunning, and we knew it.

Maddies P.O.V.

We got to the concert. We had golden circle tickets and honestly I was still excited even though I didn't like him that much.

We got there early so we could get the ones closest to the stage.

We walked in and up to the front. We did it. We were front row to THE Justin Bieber.


About 10 minutes before the concert was going to start, a guy walked up to me with a white hoodie on.

I instantly knew who this was, and so did all my friends. This was Scooter Braun. He picks the OLLG's of the night. Certainly that's not why he's talking to me.

"Hi. How would you like to be the OLLG tonight?" He asked me. I couldn't move.

Were my friends gonna be mad? I turned to look at them and to my surprise they just smiled and have me a thumbs up.

I smiled back and turned around and replied with a simple "yes."


I was now taken backstage on the song before one less lonely girl.

It was so cool to be backstage. I got to meet Alfredo, Kenny, Pattie, and the rest of the crew.

I felt like the luckiest girl alive, but I felt kind of bad too. It should've been Paige or Carley or Lindsay or Jaden. They were real beliebers not me.

I was suddenly pulled from my thoughts- literally, as dancers grabbed my wrist and pulled me out on stage.

That's when I remembered about my stage fright.

A/N oooh! She has stagefright?!

Will she embarass herself?

Will Justin recognize her?

Will she start to have feelings for him after the OLLG thing?

Read to find out ;)

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