Best Vacation Ever

When 18 year old Madison Wagner goes on a spring break trip with her best friends, she didn't except to see her least favorite pop star, Justin Bieber. But what will happen when Justin falls for Madison? Will Madison accidentally trip and land right into Justin's arms? Read to find out ;)


4. Chapter 4


Madison's P.O.V.

We had left Starbucks and caught a taxi to our hotel. The hotel was amazing! It was probably bigger than my house!

It had bright orange walls in the living room, with beige sofas and a huge flatscreen tv. With a kitchen and 5 rooms. One for each of us and they all had different colored walls, with a king bed in each, neatly decorated so everything matched and had a theme with a flatscreen in each.

My room was purple, my favorite color. My bed had white and purple silk sheets, it looked very sophisticated. Over in the corner was a dresser, and a full length mirror with two purple sofas across from it.

Man I could get used to this for 3 weeks. I plugged my phone into my dock and pressed shuffle on my music and sang along as I put away my clothes, which there was a lot of since we were gonna be here for 3 weeks.


The girls and I were sitting downstairs deciding what to do since the concert wasn't til 8, and it was only 2.

"Well, if were gonna be here for 3 weeks, we can't go out to eat every time were hungry so some of us should go get food." Jaden said. She was always the smart one.

"Yeah. Who wants to go?" Carley asked. "I will!" Paige and I said at the same time.

We laughed. "Okay, let's go." I said as I grabbed my phone stuffing it in my purse along with my money.

"Need a taxi?" Car asked. "Nah we can walk. It's not that far away." Paige responded.

"Aight. Bye guys." Jaden said. "Bye!" We replied in unison. And we walked out the door and headed towards the store.


We were in the snack aisle and Pai was getting cheez-it's for us. I pulled off some Oreos from the shelf and turned around, bumping into someone.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" I said to the person.

"I-it's fine." He said, not looking up. He had on purple supras, blue skinny jeans and a grey hoodie with his good up but I could tell he had amazing hair.

He finally looked up at me and I realized who this was.

Justin Bieber.

I gasped and started to say something to Paige but he put his hand over my mouth.

"Shh. People can't know it's me." He whispered gently. All I could do was nod my head. I was shocked.

I finally snapped out of it. "Well sorry." I said and walked back to Paige careful not to say something to her about him being here. She would FREAK!

Justin's P.O.V.

I couldn't stop thinking about that girl I ran into at the store today. She was gorgeous.

Bright blue eyes, long caramel hair, down to her waist and tanned skin with a little bit of freckles here in there.

If only I could've gotten her number. She seemed kind if stunned to see me, so maybe she was a fan and was going to the concert tonight.

I could only hope that she was, and that maybe, just maybe, I would have some luck in finding her and her love.

A/N ok hey guys! Sorry this chapter is really sucky. I'll try to make the next one more interesting. Don't forget to like and comment and become a fan! :) and leave ideas for me too please :)

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