Best Vacation Ever

When 18 year old Madison Wagner goes on a spring break trip with her best friends, she didn't except to see her least favorite pop star, Justin Bieber. But what will happen when Justin falls for Madison? Will Madison accidentally trip and land right into Justin's arms? Read to find out ;)


2. Chapter 2

after I read Carley's text I just replied with a simple "ok" and grabbed my bags and ran downstairs.

I looked at my phone. 7:45. Crap! I really need to go. I opened the door and dragged all my bags and stuff out to my car.

I opened the back seat and put everything in there and then hopped in the front. I opened my coach purse to check of my boarding passes and flight tickets for both ways were in there. Check.

I put the keys into the ignition to start my car and headed towards the airport, singing along to my favorite songs on the radio.

I arrived at the airport about 15 minutes later and went to park my car. I hopped out and grabbed my bags and started walking to the doors while sending a call to Carley.

Carley: hey mads, everything ok?

Madison: yep! Fine. I'm at the airport. Are you here?

Carley: yeah me and Jaden and Lindsay and Paige are waiting at the Starbucks here. Come meet us.

Madison: aight, see you then. Bye.

Carley: bye.

With that I hung up and started my way to Starbucks.

I walked into Starbucks and noticed Carley and them sitting there with their bags drinking their coffee and chatting. I walked up to them.

"Hey guys!" I said. "Hey" they replied somewhat in unison. I went and ordered my coffee and walked back to my friends.

"We need to start walking to our gate in precisely 3 minutes if we are to be on time." Carley said in a matter-of-fact way.

"Yes sir!" Jaden said back sarcastically. We all laughed. "Ha-ha, very funny. Seems I'm gonna be the only responsible one on this trip" she muttered. We all just chuckled.

We started walking to our gate. "Gate B flight 8472 to Maui, Hawaii please board now." An announcer said over the intercom.

"Well girls that's us!" Lindsay squealed. We all grabbed our bags and carry-ons and boarded our plane.

We all sat in a row. Carley, Jaden, me, Lindsay, then Paige. We all had our beats on listening to our music except Carley and Jaden who were talking there butts off.


The flight was now landing. "AGHH! I can't believe we are in Hawaii!" Jaden squealed happily. "I know! OMG!" Carley said.

"OH EM GEE! Guys Justin Bieber is in Maui right now..!" Paige said shaking her hips. I rolled my eyes while the rest of the girls screamed in delight.

Some passengers turned around and gave them dirty looks. We just laughed. Paige was still scrolling on her iPhone while rambling on about Justin Bieber staying at the same hotel as us and everything.

Oh, yay.

A/N hi guys! I hope you like this book so far! Comment some suggestions if you have any! :)

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