Have you ever wanted to easily get what you want with the snap of your fingers?
Well what if for one month, you could get whatever your heart or self desires, with just a click on your phone, laptop, computer, or any other internet-access device?
This is what happens to the Burling family.
The Burling family were selected to get whatever they want for free for a whole month.
Clothes, jewelry, house items and décor, food, furniture, make-up, books, houses, anything they want.
They have easy access to anything AND everything online.
But will this make the family closer, or will it tear them apart?


2. The Contest

      “Maman, can you pass me the arancione succo?” I asked. My maman had passed me the glass filled with the orange substance, where some was emptied into my cup. I filled my glass up halfway, and stopped pouring the juice.
“I want some more sissy!” Juliette had said.
“Maman, is Juliette allowed to have some more succo?” I asked to my maman. She nodded and mouthed the word “Yes” to me, and I began to pour some succo into Juliette’s small glass. As soon as I stopped pouring, she had begun gulping down her small cup of succo. She spilled a little onto her pajamas, which wasn’t a problem because we’d be getting her ready for school soon. I took her glass and handed her a napkin to wipe up the spilled succo. She kind of brushed the wet area on her pink pajamas, instead of wiping.
“Lisette, can you get Juliette ready for school, please?” My maman had asked.
“Yes, maman.” I said, before excusing myself and Juliette from our breakfast table. We walked to Juliette’s room, and I grabbed her small tan dress, and I gave her blue pantyhose to slip on as well. She went to a private elementary school, which had the strict rule of only wearing the colors navy blue and tan. Arc, my older brother, and I’s high school allowed us to wear whichever colors we’d like, just as long as we still looked sophisticated, like good high school students. All three of us have gone to a local private school, as my maman and papa felt we’d get a better education. Our school is strict, but very easy to agree and follow. It’s hard to get in, but easy to get out.
For school today, I was wearing a black peplum dress, with a pair of short leggings on underneath, which people call spanks. I had my hair in a mermaid tail braid, and a little bit of mascara on. I had my black flat ankle boots on, and I had grabbed my backpack, and notebook. I was ready to go, except I had forgotten to put on a blazer. I wore my red one, to brighten up my outfit. I put on some lip gloss, and took one last glance in the mirror. I was ready for school, as well as Juliette. She had her small backpack with her, and was fiddling with her long brown curls.
“Juliette, do you want me to put your hair up in a bun, ponytail, or braid it?” I asked her.
“I want mine in a bun, please.” She responded.
We walked to our bathroom, and I grabbed some hair ties, and began to work on her hair. It was only 6 a.m., and we left for school at 7:45, so we had enough time. After about 30 minutes of brushing, adding hair clips, and redoing her hair, I finally finished putting her hair in a bun. I gave her a navy blue bow as well to wear in her hair. We went into the living area to be greeted by our bright-eyed maman, and almost awake but not alert papa. Our papa was never fully awake in the mornings, as well as Arc. Us girls were up and ready to take on the day though. Arc was just now getting a shower, and we waited on him. I decided to do a writing prompt in French, German, and Irish, for my German and French classes, and the Irish one for fun. I decided to write about my family, in each language. I pulled out my notebook and a pencil, and began to write. The first one was written in German. It read:
 “Meine Familie, der Burling, bestehen aus mir, Lisette, meine maman und papa, Claire und Charles, mein ältester Bruder, Arktis, und meine jüngere Schwester Juliette. Selbst meine ungeborenen Bruder / Schwester, die sich noch nicht mit einem Namen noch und gekennzeichnet.
Ich bin das mittlere Kind, mit 14 Jahren. Arktis ist 16, und Julia ist 8
Meine Familie sind liebevolle Menschen, und ich liebe sie alle.
Meine maman und Papa sind sehr nett und fürsorglich. Ich liebe sie sehr.
Mein Bruder, Arktis, ist manchmal nett.
Juliette ist eine erstaunliche Schwester. Ich liebe Juliette und Arctic beide sehr viel, wie auch meine ungeborenen Bruder / Schwester.
Meine Familie sind Deutsch, Französisch, Irisch, und amerikanische, die durch die Familie läuft wirklich cool, so viel Kultur ist.
Wie sie sagen, ist Familie für immer."
I copied that in Irish, English, and French. By the time I finished, it was time to leave. My maman was driving us, since she’d be going to work. My papa’s work was the opposite direction, which is why he didn’t take us today. We loaded up into my maman’s van, and headed to school. After 15 minutes of my maman talking to us about different things, we finally arrived at the schools. My maman parked in her spot, and we got out. She had to walk Juliette over to the elementary school, which was a bit further away from the high school.
“Juliette, say goodbye to Arctic and Lisette.” My maman said.
Juliette waved to us, saying “Bye Arc! Bye Lizzy!” We both waved, saying goodbye to our younger sister, then to our maman, before heading to the inside of our school.
 “Lisette, this work is incredible! It’s nice to see someone with lots of culture in their family, especially from one of our school’s best students!” My teacher, Mr. Willow, said. I showed him my short family story, which was the one written in German.
“Thank you, Mr. Willow. I like to express each of my cultures through the language of each one.” I said, smiling. People thought I was being a stuck-up teacher’s pet, but I can’t help what others think, right? I left to go to my desk, which I shared with my best friend, Rosalina. She was already over there, fixing her jacket. Her black hair was teased in a crazy but cool way. I sat my bag down, and grabbed my book. I turned to her, to talk before class began.
“Hey Rosie.” I said, flashing a smile.
“Hi Liz, what’s up?” She said.
“I just got done presenting my short paragraph about my family that was written in German to Mr. Willow, while some other people in our class sat there whispering about how I’m a teacher’s pet and stuck up.” I said, ending it with a sad sigh.
“That is hella stupid, Liz! Defend yourself! And pop punk!” She said. I smiled at her attempted joke. Everyone thinks it’s weird for our school for an “alternative” girl like Rosie to be attending here. But she is smart, super smart, and people don’t see that.
“Wow Rosie.” I said, giggling before the bell rang.
 We went through the typical morning schedule. Bell rings, our principal tells us to stand and gaze at the American flag, while having our right hand placed over the area of our hearts, most girls placing their hands at the top of their breasts. We’d stand there, eyes locked on the flag, honoring the glory that it holds, while saying the national pledge. After ending the national pledge, we’d say a small pray or thank you or some simply stood there, thoughts pondering or simply empty. That lasted for about 30 seconds, before we were excused to be sat down, where our principal would continue, saying a warm, cheery Happy Birthday! to anyone who’s yearly clock was simply restarting for a newer year. We’d also have a moment to remember Elizabeth, an old student who died in a tragic accident. Then any sport announcements, like if our school won a game or if there are any upcoming games, and that’s about it. I play soccer, I cheer, and I am also a singer in our school’s performing arts program. I am also the President of the Student Council for the sophomores and freshmen, my brother being the other President for the juniors and seniors. I was also involved in fundraisers, clean ups, organizing school dances, etc. I also participate in our school’s yearbook and I run our school’s newspaper. I was very well known in our big school. I was also attending an afterschool dance class, and took vocal lessons. I was super busy, which was hard for me, but it did have its benefits as well. I mean, I got to do many things, like help our school, learn new things, explore every inch of our school, go on trips, and make decisions. Plus, if I continue all of this, just think about how marvelous it will all look on a college application! I mean, straight A’s, no absents, doing a lot in and out of school, and being approved of the opportunity to skip ahead in school. I was getting excited just to think about these things! I was given the opportunity to get a perfect education, live in a small but beautiful town, and get to do so many things for my school. I should give back to them! To my school, my maman, papa, siblings, my town, my friends. Everyone who has helped me come this far! But how would I manage it? I sat there, thinking before I realized I need to pay attention in class. I quickly scribbled down in my notebook “Ideas for giving back.” I opened up the last page of notes I had written, and began to write today’s notes, even though I copied them and read about these two weeks ahead.  What? Can’t a girl read ahead happily?

   School sadly ended, but hey, after a marvelous weekend with my family I’ll be back at school! For 5 days. I got excited just thinking about it. I was eager to learn more. I got inside, and went into my room to do my work and study before dinner. Then it was 3 hours of family time, then bedtime. I mean, it’s not bed time for us all, just Juliette. I went to bed a bit early to read some novels or small chapter books. I did my homework, which took 15 minutes to do, and 30 to check. I mean, if I want to get a good grade, got to make sure I did it correctly. I did some literature, which I was very ahead in. I was doing sophomore work, not like a high school sophomore, but a college sophomore. I was ahead of the game! Arctic is really excellent in literature, so I asked him to check my work, as I’d glance over what math he had done today. We always checked each other’s work, helped each other study. We were very close when it came to academics. Aren’t all siblings? We helped each other, until our maman called for us.
“Essen ist fertig!” Our maman called. We put our work away in the “Finished” bins that were in our rooms. Mine was pink, and had doodles I drew on it. I placed all my work in there, and bookmarked my place in each schoolbook, and it sat on my desk in our study. I walked to our dining area, and asked my maman if she needed help setting the plates or placing each food dish onto the table. She nodded, and handing me a bowl filled with salad. I sat that down by the plate of barbeque ribs she had prepared and placed already. I was a vegan, so the sight of that made me sick.
“Maman, did you make my veggie burger?” I asked. My maman made me the best veggie burger ever! It was exactly what you’d expect it to be- A well prepared veggie-based patty shaped burger, containing no meat, just fresh vegetables. And it was pure heaven.
“Yes, Lisette. I made 3, one for now, and a second if you’d like another after. The 3rd will be either your bedtime snack or tomorrow’s lunch.” She said.
“Thank you, maman.” I said. I sat down a bowl of sweet peas, fresh cut green beans, a bowl of baked beans, some toast with freshly made jams. My maman knew what to prepare for us. Arctic sat at his place, which was next to me on the bench. Our seating arrangement was: Juliette, Arctic and I on the bench, and my maman and papa across from us at the other bench. So parents on one side, children on the other. We did need more space though, because of guest. We had small talk while munching on the delicious feast our maman had prepared. We talked about our day, what we learned, and then my maman said something that was a big shock to us all.
“Lisette, Arctic, Juliette. Your papa and I are unable to have all of us living here. I mean this was a home for us, when it was your papa and I. Then Arctic, you came along, which was perfectly fine because we had more than enough room for the three of us. Now with double the amount of us here, it’s getting crowded. So hopefully we will be moving soon.” She said firmly.
“But maman, we will still attend our school, yes?” I said a bit worried. I had put so much hard work into my school! I couldn’t leave.
“If we find a nice home near the school, then yes. Otherwise, we will look into finding you kids a new private school, with the same high quality.” My papa answered for my maman. We finished eating, and tonight it was my turn to help maman clean the dishes and table. I did these things, keeping small talk to her, trying to not turn this into an unbearably silent moment. We finished up, and put the dishes away. I went to my room, and grabbed my blue bra, some polka dotted underwear, my plaid sweat pants, and my gray tank top that said “Jefferson High School Cheer Squad” in navy blue letters, with my last name printed on the back. I went to Juliette and I’s bathroom, undoing my braid, running my pink hair brush through my long brown hair. I washed my face, took off the little bit of mascara I had on, and brushed my teeth, gargling a very strong minty mouthwash, followed by flossing my teeth. I finished working on cleaning my teeth, and began to redo my hair, only this time I put it up in a bun. Juliette came in, wearing her Barbie pajama set. She brushed, rinsed, and flossed, washed her face for some odd reason, and asked me to do her hair again, the same as mine. I put her hair up in a bun, and she thanked me. She ran to her bedroom after, and I’m not for sure what she was doing, but I believe she was drawing pictures, as usual, while singing songs from her The Little Mermaid soundtrack. I giggled at my silly little sister, and went to my room. I grabbed a few of my Goosebumps story books, because they were small but well written stories that were able to give me a scare every once in a while. I was reading one, when I noticed my laptop had made a noise, like it does when I get an email. I bookmarked my page in my book, and got up to sit at my desk. I opened up my laptop, logged into my account, and saw I had an email. It read:
“Hello, Lisette Burling! As the President of the United States School Board, I have decided to give back to our hardworking students! From the state of California, you have been selected to be in this contest. The best student from each state will be able to participate in this contest. Competition is very high! The contest is a writing prompt, as you must write us a 1,000+ word essay on what you have done or do in your academic community, submit it in three weeks to your school, and we will choose one student as a winner. The prize? Any store, like a grocery store or clothing center, any store, any company, like a housing company, any restaurant, from fast food to high class, any place you want, online or at the actual place, FREE for ONE WHOLE MONTH! Your family can participate as well, as you can give them access to this as well. And your school will win $5,000! Please let me know if you’ll be participating!
Thank you!
Michael Houster”
I screamed with joy. I ran out into our living area.
“Maman! Papa! Guess what!” I said full with excitement.
“Lisette, calm down sweetheart, and calmly tell us what happened.” My maman said gently. I sat down.
“I got an email from Mr. Michael Houster, also known as the President of the United States School Board!” I said excitedly. My maman and papa smiled.
“What did he say?” My papa asked. I went and got my laptop and showed them the email.
“Well Lisette, if you want to try and win, then we have your support!” My maman said. I squealed with excitement,
“Thank you thank you thank you!” I said, hugging and kissing them both. I couldn’t believe I, Lisette Noelle Burling, was going to be able to participate in this wonderful contest! I decided to plan out what I’d write, before beginning the actual thing. I decided for the first paragraph that I’d just thank them for giving me this wonderful opportunity, and then I’d continue with what I do in school and out. I’d have a copy of my recent grades, try and see if one of my teachers would write me a letter of recognition, and just give them what they need. After all, this contest could really help my family and me, as well as my school. I went back to my room, placing my laptop on my desk. I laid there in my bed, my mind pondering with the thoughts. What would I get if I won? How would it change my family and me? I was drifted to a nice sleep by my thoughts. 





arancione succo ; orange//arancione - succo//juice

maman ; mom/mum/mother

papa ; dad/father

“Meine Familie, der Burling, bestehen aus mir, Lisette, meine maman und papa, Claire und Charles, mein ältester Bruder, Arktis, und meine jüngere Schwester Juliette. Selbst meine ungeborenen Bruder / Schwester, die sich noch nicht mit einem Namen noch und gekennzeichnet.
Ich bin das mittlere Kind, mit 14 Jahren. Arktis ist 16, und Julia ist 8
Meine Familie sind liebevolle Menschen, und ich liebe sie alle.
Meine maman und Papa sind sehr nett und fürsorglich. Ich liebe sie sehr.
Mein Bruder, Arktis, ist manchmal nett.
Juliette ist eine erstaunliche Schwester. Ich liebe Juliette und Arctic beide sehr viel, wie auch meine ungeborenen Bruder / Schwester.
Meine Familie sind Deutsch, Französisch, Irisch, und amerikanische, die durch die Familie läuft wirklich cool, so viel Kultur ist.
Wie sie sagen, ist Familie für immer." ; My family, the Burling, consist of me, Lisette, my maman and papa, Claire and Charles, my eldest brother, Arctic, and my younger sister Juliette. Even my unborn brother/sister, who is not yet with a name yet and marked.
I am the middle child, with the age of 14. Arctic is 16, and Juliet is 8
My family are loving people, and I love them all.
My maman and dad are very nice and caring. I love her very much.
My brother, Arctic, is sometimes nice.
Juliette is an amazing sister. I love Juliette and Arctic both very much, as well as my unborn brother/sister.
My family are German, French, Irish, and American, which is really cool, so much culture through the family running.
As they say, family is forever.

“Essen ist fertig!” ; Dinner is ready







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