Simon's Step-Daughter

After my Mum married Simon things have gotten really different. I mean at their wedding There were like 50 different celebrities there. I know he's The Simon Cowell and he is in charge of all different stars but In my opinion Stars Are Brats Who think they can get whatever they want Especially BoyBands..


4. Secret

Jessica's POV-

I was talking to Jade On the phone, 

"Well Why Won't you tell us!" 

Because My Mum and Simon are out now and Im not aloud to tell you till the come back and Till The boys leave i say whispering the last part 

"I know I know But Were All Just Dying to know!" She says 

I laugh i know But this Is just Between Me Mum Simon and You guys...No One Else 

"Yeah I mean i couldn't imagine What Would happen if anyone else found out " 

Haha Yeah Well I need to go I'll see You Later! I say Hanging up my phone and walking out of my room. When I walk out i see the boys Just talking 


My Mum and Simon come inside and see us all talking he looks at me and sends me a look that i need to go to the girl's house. I look at the Boys and smile I loved Hanging out today But i got to go... Bye Guys I say Grabbing my Bag and Walking out..I get in my car and drive to the girls house. 

When I get there I see The girls Smiling at me Hug and just talk. 

"So You guys Excited! Were leaving to go to California In 2 weeks!" Perrie Said

i laugh with the other girls Yeah it's Going to be pretty fun i mean i'm sure you guys need a brake from everything and i need a brake from being "Simon's New  Step Daughter!" They Laugh 

"So your still not liking him being your new step dad?" Jesy Asks 

I shake My head No, Not really but i guess i'll get over it soon 

"Yeah, But Simon's Great! You'll love him being a father he's at it." She Says 

I laugh. He Tries I know that Because he always making sure i'm okay. I smile 

Then Simon and My Mum Come rushing inside the house closing all the curtains making sure no one could look inside.

"Sorry Lady's The Paps Followed Us they can't find out you guys are going to Cali In 2 weeks You'll never Have a good getaway." Simon Says 

We all laugh and Then They sit down and we talk about all the details...




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