Simon's Step-Daughter

After my Mum married Simon things have gotten really different. I mean at their wedding There were like 50 different celebrities there. I know he's The Simon Cowell and he is in charge of all different stars but In my opinion Stars Are Brats Who think they can get whatever they want Especially BoyBands..


5. Rushed

It's Been About 2 weeks already And we leave tomorrow we have to get up early get on a plane for a few hours then were stopping somewhere and getting picked up by a car so we can stop and see things on the way,I feel like were being rushed. I packed the rest of my bags and tweeted something sent a photo to istagram and After all that i fell on my bed....Finally Some quiet


spoke to soon i groan ....WHAT! 


I get up and walk out of my room and see the boys smiling 

"Hey Jessica!" The boys  Say Smiling 

I smile back Hey Guys!

We hung out the whole day and after awhile they fell asleep so i went upstairs and changed into pj's and fell asleep.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm i groaned as i pushed the snooze button I rubbed my eyes and got up i got changed into Some Shorts And A Long Sleeve shirt with an elephant on it and some black Flats...

I curled my hair really quick and Grabbed My Bags And everything i needed from my room. I ran Down the stairs and dropped my bags at the door as i ran into the kitchen to see all the boys there eating breakfast. 

"MORNIN JESSICA!" Niall Yells 

I laugh Morning i say As i grab a breakfast bar off the counter...Mum Simon I got to go! 

"Okay Honey Well we love you have fun." My mum says hugging me and kissing my head 

"Yep You have fun with the girls but no boys." Simon Says Smiling 

I laugh...Okay I will And About the boys No Promises 

"Where's she going?" Harry And Louis Ask 

"She's Going on a trip  with some friends for awhile." Mum Answers 

Yep Well By Boys! I say Hugging them and grabbing my bags and rush out of my house to the airport.


When I get their i see the girls and they're waving and  smiling at me I smile as I walk over to them. We hear our plane get called and we ran to get on when we were just about to hand the lady the tickets when we hear paps coming there rushing to us with cameras, We throw the lady our tickets and run to the plane  as people keep asking us question after questions. We all sit down and i look at at all them I hate Being Rushed... 


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