Simon's Step-Daughter

After my Mum married Simon things have gotten really different. I mean at their wedding There were like 50 different celebrities there. I know he's The Simon Cowell and he is in charge of all different stars but In my opinion Stars Are Brats Who think they can get whatever they want Especially BoyBands..


2. One Direction

"It's Very Nice To meet you Love." The One With The Dark Brown Quiff Thingy says 

"Yeah It is Simon doesn't stop talking about you and your mum." The one with the Blonde hair says 

Yeah... Well It was Nice meeting you guys...Uh Mum Simon I'm Going out. I say Grabbing My Bag But Mum stops Me 

What? I ask 

"The Boys Came to See you." My mom Says 

But Mum you know i hate Boybands! I say Moaning 

"Well I don't care You Can either stay here or invite them to go out with you." My mum Finishes Walking off 

I Roll my Eyes As I put my bag down...I walk over to them And sit Down By Simon

"So Jessica How Old are you?" The Boy with The Light brown hair And blueish eyes Asks 

I'm 18 I say Smiling 

"Okay Well Jessica Me and Your Mum have go see Aunt Polly You guys Stay here and talk." Simon Says I Nod and Say bye And the boys do to. Oh and What are you guys names..? I ask 

"Niall,Zayn,Harry,Liam and Zayn." 

Okay got it! I say 

"Haha Okay so Favorite color?" Liam Asks 

"Seriously Liam We Should ask Her More Serious Questions." Harry Says 

Liam Rolls His Eyes and i answer... Purple and Blue 

He smiles as he looks over at Harry... 

"This Is easy...Are You a Virgin ?" 

I cough As all The boys Look At me. How did we get from favorite color to this? I ask 

"Answer the question!" 

I-I Don't think i want to tell you guys 

"We'll Tell You." Louis Says 

I sigh Okay Go Ahead... 

"No! " Harry says smiling 

"No" Liam Says 

"No"Zayn Says 

"No" Niall says 

"No." Louis says 

Then they all look at me...No i say looking down 


I roll My eyes 

This Band is different....


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