Simon's Step-Daughter

After my Mum married Simon things have gotten really different. I mean at their wedding There were like 50 different celebrities there. I know he's The Simon Cowell and he is in charge of all different stars but In my opinion Stars Are Brats Who think they can get whatever they want Especially BoyBands..


9. Note

Jessica's POV-

I slowly walk toward the Bright pink piece of paper lying on my bed and grab it. I notice that its a note and i turn it around and read it...

"I Wish We Weren't that close..."

I freeze as i re-read the note over and over and over again.

I Put the note in my pillow case and grab my clothes and walk into the bathroom and get ready 

**20 Minutes Later***


ONE MORE MINUTE,PLEASE i scream back just as loud 

I finish curling my hair and stop and look in the mirror i realized that i kinda did look like my dad from what i remember of him...

But i knew i couldnt be thinking of him my mother would be crushed, I mean after all she want me and Simon To "Bond" And become family. But its not that easy, its not as easy as falling in love i guess. 

I stop thinking and walk out of the bathroom and see the girls laying everywhere in my room One on the bed, One on the chair, One on the Floor and One On Her phone. 

Im Ready i finally say after the Long wait

They all stand up as we start our adventure to the mall! 


I pondered on telling or not telling the girls about the note it only had 6 words but it meant alot. And it had no name from who it was from for me to figure it out. 

I heard my phone ring as i pulled it out of my purse and answered it 


"Jessica You need to come home." 

Simon? Why? Is something Wrong?

"Im not going to lie, Yes Jessica something is and im on my way to get you." 

Well Whats Wrong? 

"Its about your Mum, Shes Gone." 

My heart just stopped that moment simon said that...

Okay Simon Im going home see you soon ...




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