Camilla Parker a 19 year old girl from California what happens when the unordinary happens? When she keeps on discovering things that might not be for her? What happens when she starts getting visions and one day she sees it she sees the person she can save? Will she tell him, will she be his savior or will he be hers??


3. The Party

Harry's P.O.V.

I walked into Starbucks noticing that all the boys were at a table in the corner of the room I then noticed Zayn wasn't there, so I started scanning the room to find him, then my eyes found him talking to this mysterious girl I hadn't seen before. Her beautiful black hair draped down her shoulders, and her eyes looked a bit scared from Zayn's presence, understandable. I could see that she was very uncomfortable talking to him considering that she probably didn't know Zayn and he was just trying to flirt with her.

" C'mon Zayn shes clearly not into you let's just head over to the rest of the boys, and you can leave her alone, its obvious you scare her" I said, and a giggle escaped her mouth, as she was still staring down at her hands, probably too shy to even look up at us.

I then proceeded to look at the girl, and noticed that she had finally looked up at us and was looking at me. I then turned back to Zayn taking off my Ray-Bans, I then told him I couldn't stay for long, some plans had came up and I had to go. He gave me a small nod before I proceeded looking back at her with a smile.

All she did was sit there looking at me like if I was a killer or something, her gaze change while looking at me she looked deep in thought. All she did was stare I, mean yeah i know I'm a stranger and all but you dont have to stare at me like that. It's like if she saw a ghost or something, does she know me or something? I dont know but I clearly didn't know her. I stared at her back just for a bit to see if she would get out of her daze I guess if you want to call it that.

" What are you staring at? Do I have something on my face or what" I finally spoke up in a some-what harsh tone.

I then walked to where Niall, Liam, and Louis were sitting I grabbed my drink

" Thanks" I said before turning around and taking the path from where I had came in from.

As I was making my way out the door I could see in the corner of my eye the girl was staring at me again I then walked out and I was walking down the sidewalk just as I was going to reach a corner I heard a noise.

"Wait" a familiar voice said it was the girl from inside the coffee shop, was she calling after me? I didn't know for sure so I turned the corner standing there looking to see what she did next, she looked from side to side down the street looking for something, I still didn't know if she was calling out for me so I decided to ignore her and continued my path to my destination, as I made my way there I couldn't stop thinking why something about this girl caught my eye, what was it about her that made me seem if I had seen her or known her from somewhere, but I had a feeling that wasn't the case.

Camilla's P.O.V.

I called out while looking both sides of the sidewalk and he... he was gone, just like that. My dream had appeared in front of my eyes and in a matter of seconds it had disappeared once again.

I stood there outside of Starbucks just thinking to myself thinking about what to do, I stepped back inside to get my computer and drink that I still hadn't finished drinking because I was distracted by Zayn

"Zayn" I said to myself as I walked back in and he wasn't in the seat as when I had rushed out. He was by the table in the corner talking to the guys he had walked in with.

I went to get my things from the table, and didn't take another look back at the boys. Just as I was about to get into my car

"Wait" Zayn shouted I looked over to him

" I didn't get your name?" I was hesitant to give him my name

" I'm not going to hurt you" he spoke again

"Camilla" I finally spoke

" I'm Zayn" obviously I already knew that, I over heard that guy say his name just minutes ago.

"Is everything ok? If I may know why did you run out after Harry?

"Harry?" I said confused

" Yeah, the guy you ran after when we were talking?"

"Yeah I know who you are talking about I just didn't know his name"

"Oh" he said "Anyways you didn't answer my question, why did you run after him?"

" I j-just thought I knew him, no big deal"

" It looked like a big deal to me, like if he had done something and he just left you traumatized or something" Why is he even bothering me with this not like he really cares anyway.

" I have to go" I responded coldly

"Wait" He said once more

"What?" I fired back

" So... umm theres this party..." He looked at the ground before looking back up and finishing his sentence.

" ...and I was wondering, if you were free maybe you would like to go?" I stood there thinking about his offer I couldn't deny it, Zayn was cute but I just had a feeling he wasn't my type and I was ready for a relationship and he maybe just wanted to be friends and here I am thinking about how him and I can't work. My mind is just kinda screwed up with everything that has happened over the last half an hour. "SO... can you possibly stop bye?"

"Umm i-i"

"Oh, c'mon just for a bit, yeah?" but then I started to think, will the chocolate haired boy be there?

" Will... umm Harry be there?" I said not knowing if I should ask

" Harry? Yeah he'll be there why?" should I take up on his offer and go and maybe get the chance to see him and maybe just maybe everything can get straighten up?

"Oh no reason" I finally said "I'll see if I can make it" I said with a smile

We exchanged numbers and as I was about to get in my car...

" Zayn?" I shouted just as he reached the door

He turned back around and looked at me then said "Yeah?"

"Can some of my friends come?"

"Yeah, babe bring who ever you would like"

"Thanks" I said smiling once again

" See you soon" he said with a smirk on his face

*Next Day*

I woke up early in the morning checking my phone and saw it was only 8a.m. I woke up with energy for some unknown reason maybe it was the fact that I've been able to sleep quite comfortably for the past couple days. I decided to go take a bubble bath, I got out of my bed and went to fill up the bathtub with water. I proceeded with taking my clothes off and getting ready to get in just before I did I put my hair up in a messy bun. I then got in the warm water, I laid there with my eyes closed playing with the bubbles, just thinking... then all of a sudden I jolted up all the events that had occurred yesterday flowing through my mind.

I sat there in the warm clear water quietly thinking if there could be any possibility that Harry could be the guy in my dream, I mean there could be a chance, even if there wasn't I just had to make sure he was or wasn't it and I was willing to take any chance I had to try and figure everything out.

When I was done with my shower and I had a moment to myself to think I decided to call Emily and see if she wanted to come with me to the party and maybe would invite a couple more friends, I mean Zayn did say to bring anyone I wanted and I would feel more comfortable with people I know around me. I picked up my phone and scrolled to Emily's name I clicked on call and she answered on the third ring

"Hello?" She said

"Hey" I answered back

"What's up?" Emily said through the phone

"Not much, just in my room, so... umm are you free on Saturday?" I asked her

"Umm yeah I think so why what's up?" She said curiously

"Well there's this party I got invited to and he said I could bring some friends"

"He??" She said practically shouting

"Emily he's just a friend, ok"

"Oh ok if you say so" She said not believing what I said, well I mean it was true I don't even know if I can even call him a friend but I'll just leave it at that.

"So what are you wearing" Emily said interrupting me from my thoughts

"Probably my Black knee length dress" That was one of my favorite dresses it had the top cut low it wasn't to revealing it was cute and sexy, it hugged my body perfectly showing off my curves.

"What are you wearing?" I said wondering which one of the infinite dresses she had she would choose to wear

"I dont know yet maybe I'll go shopping later"

"Ok sounds fun, I'll pick you up at around 8p.m. on Saturday"

"Sounds good see ya"

"K bye" and with that we ended the phone call

I decided to text Alondra and Michelle as well to invite them to the party maybe they would want to go and we could sorta have a girls night.

To: Alondra, Michelle

Heyy guys theres a party on saturday at my friends house text me if you can go:)

From: Michelle

Yeah!! Sounds good whose party is it?

To: Michelle

Its just a friend I'll pick you up after Emily, around 8 :)

From: Michelle

K see ya then:)

Just as I was going to put my phone away I saw Alondra text me as well

From: Alondra

I'm available!! :) pick me up whenever

To: Alondra

Ok give you the deets later

And with that three of my friends were coming with me to the party, I knew if something would go wrong they would be there for me and its all that I needed. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry he was all I thought about but I had to get him out of my mind or at least just for now because in a way he was taking me over, my emotions but mostly me as a whole.


This whole week passed by quickly I wanted today to come but at the same time I didn't I was very anxious I needed to see Harry again maybe this was the last time I was going to see him but I just needed to see him. I needed to know if it was him. when I woke up it wasn't to early but being the lazy girl I am I decided to sleep in a bit.

Before I got in the shower Emily had called me and told me that she was excited for tonight. I had kept in touch with Michelle and Alondra too telling them where it would be at and discussing what they were wearing, they were really excited going to the party because it had been along time since we had all been together. We have literally known each other since like pre-school. Another of our good friends was Jessica, I wish she was here so she could come to the party with us, she is was crazy and out spoken and I know we would have a great time with her but unfortunately she's in Washington with her boyfriend Cameron maybe next time, I mean if there even is a next time.

When I got out of the shower I had a text from Zayn

From: Zayn

Heyy I hope your coming tonight! Can't wait to see you ;)

I saw his text and smiled I didn't answer back because well I just didn't feel like it and I just don't really want to lead him on if I don't have much interest in him. For some reason I was just so excited for the party I mean I do like parties and it has been forever since i've gone to one maybe since my high school graduation a couple of months ago.

As I got ready I decided to make a couple curls in my hair I needed a bit of volume so a bit of curls wouldn't do me any bad I applied foundation mascara and eyeliner my makeup was minimum I never liked to do it over the top I liked to have it a bit natural. When I was done I went over to my bed where I had put down my dress I then stripped down and put on my black dress, this amazing dress had sparkles over it and it glistened all over. As I finished up dressing myself I got my complementary clutch and I was on my way to pick up the girls.

When we arrived at the address Zayn had given me, there was already a bunch of people there, there wasn't many parking spaces so I left my car at the corner of the street.

"Ready girls?" I said getting out of the car

"Paarrrtttyyy" Alondra called out

"It's going to be a fun night, girls" Michelle said

"You guys better let it all out and dance" She said looking at us

"We will" Emily said

By this time we were at the front door just as I was about to knock someone who already seemed drunk stumbled out the door we just laughed and walked inside. Stepping inside we noticed there were even more people than we had imagined. I didnt even know where to go there was just crowds of people everywhere, just as I was going to walk further into the house someone grabbed me by my elbow and turned be to face them.

"Hey!" I shouted as I tried to yank my elbow from their grip

"Glad you could make it" Zayn said with a smirk

"Yeah" Thats all I managed to say with a smile

I then remembered my friends were behind me "Umm... this is Emily, Michelle, And Alondra" I turn and point to each one of them

"Nice to meet you" Zayn says and smiles at them

"Camilla would you like to dance?" Zayn said putting his hand infront of mine

"I-I can't, we just got here and they don't know..." I was interrupted by Michelle

"She'd love to" She answered for me I turned back giving her a stare, she was going to owe me big time for just doing that. I turned back to Zayn and put my hand on his accepting his offer.

He took me to a room filled with sex crazed teenagers, all of them technically dry humping each other. All I wanted to do is have some fun and I was in the mood for dancing so for a bit I think I would listen to Michelle and let loose. My hips swayed with the music as I saw that Zayn had also gotten into the beat he turned me around so my back was facing his front, and I continued with the sames moves.

After a while I remembered my friends were here and I hadn't seen them for a while now I wonder what they were up to "I'll be right back I need to find my friends" I told Zayn shouting over the blaring music he gave me a small nod and I proceeded out of the room, I found myself walking inside the kitchen noticing that Alondra was there a drink in her hand she was talking to a blonde guy when she acknowledged my presence I gave her a smile and she returned it I left the kitchen not wanting to bother her, I found another room where I didn't see Michelle or Emily so I decided to look for them in the backyard just as I walked outside I saw Michelle talking to a rather tall guy and she actually looked like she was having fun with him my eyes scanned the rest of the yard looking for Emily just as I was going to give up I found her sitting in a chair by the pool with a red cup in hand which surprised me she wasn't a drinker.

"Hey" I said walking up to her

"Hey" she said with a smile

"Are you having fun?" I asked

"I actually am" she said with a bright smile now

"Are you now?" I said teasing her

"Yeah I'm talking to this guy... and hes really cute... he went to grab us another drink" She said

I could kinda tell that wasn't her first drink she looked kinda bubbly maybe a bit too much

"Ok see you later I'm going to go back and look for Zayn he's probably looking for me" she gave me a nod and with that I was on my way back inside.

I couldn't find Zayn and I had been looking for him for minutes now, I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to go back to my friends because it looked like they were all having a good time with they guys they were with.

I was kind of thirsty so I decided to go to the kitchen when I walked in I saw that Alondra was no longer in there I looked around for water but I didn't see any all I saw was beer, one beer what's it going to do not much, I decided to take a beer just one, because I would probably have to be the responsible one here considering all my friends were drinking I was walking out the kitchen trying to look for Zayn once more.

Just as I was walking out I bumped into someone, I was probably already drunk, I mean I had already drank a couple of sips, well maybe half the cup but still. "S-sorry" I said noticing that I had spilled my drink on him

"Sorry" I said once more wiping his shirt with my hands like if that was going to make a difference I looked up to apologize again, it was an accident and I was actually sorry I probably ruined his night by just spilling beer on him as I looked in his eyes I was mesmerized again it was him. It was Harry I didn't realize I hadn't stopped wiping his shirt when.. it came to me again as I touched him and looked into his eyes I got the vision once more....

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