Camilla Parker a 19 year old girl from California what happens when the unordinary happens? When she keeps on discovering things that might not be for her? What happens when she starts getting visions and one day she sees it she sees the person she can save? Will she tell him, will she be his savior or will he be hers??


4. The Kiss

"Sorry" I said once more wiping his shirt with my hands like if that was going to make a difference I looked up to apologize again, it was an accident and I was actually sorry I probably ruined his night by just spilling beer on him as I looked in his eyes I was mesmerized again it was him. It was Harry I didn't realize I hadn't stopped wiping his shirt when.. it came to me again as I touched him and looked into his eyes I got the vision once more....

I was frozen I couldn't move I looked like if I was a statue. As I was stuck in place my eyes deeply starred in his. The vision I was having was something different than other times the beginning was the same it started with the same explosion like background and I saw Harry's face once more but now I saw something else something I hadn't seen before I saw body bags not just one but five of them and...

"Are you ok" Harry asked me bringing me back into reality and making my vision disappear once more

"Y-yeah i'm fine" I said with a weak smile

"You don't seem fine" He said to me

"It looks like you just saw a ghost or something" He said once again

I didn't know what to say I was just stunned, what was I supposed to say, oh hey yeah umm... you dont know me but I have been having visions and dreams about this guy who looks a lot like you lately and I've been getting them frequently and I think you are actually him umm... yeah that's clever.

"Wait aren't you that girl from Starbucks, the one that kept staring at me, quite like the way you are doing right now" He spoke laughing while he talked, once more he interrupted me from my thoughts

"Y-yeah" I stuttered

"Anyways not to sound mean or anything but who invited you here?"

"Zayn" Is all I'm able to say

"Oh" He says

"Sorry about dropping my drink on you I didn't mean to it was an accident" I say apologetically

" Yeah don't worry about it its totally fine" He said smiling, I responding with a smile as well

"Here lets go get you another drink, I'm Harry by the way" He said

"I'm Camilla" I said with a smile noticing that Harry had taken my hand in his and was leading me to the kitchen.

When he grabbed my hand I could feel it, I could feel a spark, I don't know how or why, but I could just feel it, we walked back into the kitchen and Harry poured me a drink and one for himself and he handed me my drink.

" Thank you" I said and he gave me a small nod.

I stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do next my drink in my hand bringing it up to my lips once in a while. Maybe I should excuse myself and go find my friends and dance with them. I mean that is one of the reasons I brought them here with me but then again I'll probably just be a bother. I stood there thinking of what to do.

"Would you like to dance?" My mouth finally spoke, I was a little taken back that I had actually asked him to dance but I was getting bored and standing here in the kitchen and drinking for the rest of the night wasn't a good idea.

"Sure" Harry responded surprising me.

He grabbed my drink and his and left them on the counter. We exited the kitchen and once again he took my hand in his hand by now I could tell he could feel something too. I catched him smiling down looking at our intertwined hands, my cheeks blushed at how cheeky and adorable he was.

By now we were in the room where everyone was dancing, everything looked the same from when I was dancing with Zayn, oh no Zayn, I forgot all about him! But then I thought that he probably had found someone else to dance with, I was looking for him and I couldn't find him so he probably had left or something.

Harry released my hand and started to dance, his body moved with such delight he looked amazingly beautiful. I was a bit shy but by now it was my second time dancing with these strangers and I had almost 2 cans of beer in my system so by now I was a bit more relaxed and I was able to get loose.

*Harry's POV*

I looked at her I looked her up and down I saw the way she struggled to go to the rhythm of the music but then she got the hang of it. She wasn't afraid to show what she was made of, just looking at her made me feel something, something I've never felt before. I feel protected and safe in a way, not that I needed any protection from anybody but the moment I grabbed her hand I felt a shock. I didn't know if she felt it too but I was interested in getting to know her, every bit of her.

"Come here" I said so gracefully

"I want to be closer to you" I spoke again

She obliged my orders and by now the song changed to a sexy smooth song I had never heard before. "Perfect" I thought to myself she came closer to me we were only centimeters apart now she was facing me and I looked into her caramel eyes they looked so peaceful and full of life they could just take me to another world. We danced to the beat of the music softly and smoothly but a bit rough at the same time there was something about her that ignited a spark in me.

She swayed her hips from left to right I put my hands on her back going to the same rhythm. I turned her around her back now by my front, I rested my hands on her hips and I gently started giving her small kisses on her neck I heard her giggle and took that as I good sign.

*Camillas POV*

"Come here" Harry said

"I want to be closer to you" as he said each word I could feel my body tingle with excitement I made way over to him to be closer as he said.

Harry turned me around so I was facing away from him I could feel us start to heat up he surprised me by planting a kiss on my cheek, a small giggle escaped my mouth. I could feel those warm soft lips on me, he gave me one after another rising up a bit to get to my jawline. I still continued dancing I turned around once more now at a position where I could see Harry, we looked into each others eyes and I got a feeling I've never felt before in my entire body, he surprised me once more when he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips.

I responded to the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck seconds later he pulled away.

"S-sorry I didn't mean to" Harry said taking a step back not looking me in the face.

I took a step forward to him and got a hold of his face forcing him to look at me. He looked me in the eyes and I smiled then I crashed my lips to his and Harry surprisingly kissed me back just the way I did moments ago. As the seconds went on the passion was increasing and I couldn't nor did I want to pull away and I had a feeling that Harry felt the same way.

(Thank you for reading this story it means a lot plz tell me what you think!! thank you;) )

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