Camilla Parker a 19 year old girl from California what happens when the unordinary happens? When she keeps on discovering things that might not be for her? What happens when she starts getting visions and one day she sees it she sees the person she can save? Will she tell him, will she be his savior or will he be hers??


2. Is it HIM?

*Days Later*

I haven't been able to sleep much lately, not since what happened the other night. I still can't get the images out of my head, there I was again lonely in my room thinking about the events that had occurred not to long ago ,there I was alone with no one to talk to, not that I would tell anyone what had been happening, these are the times I wish I had siblings considering I was an only child i'm always quite lonely, I did wish I had someone around to talk to, someone to understand me, and give me advice, but sometimes I like my space.. my space to think for times like now.

"Camilla" my mother said disturbing me from my thoughts

"Coming" I told her, rushing towards the door heading downstairs

"Can you help get the bags in the car?"

"Sure" I said and headed out the door for the remainder of the bags

when I got back inside I set the bags on top of the counter in our kitchen

"How was your day sweetie?"she asked discarding some of the items from the bags and organizing them into the cabinet drawers.

"Good " I simply respond, I wasn't in the mood to tell her my problems, and I didn't intend to. She has a lot of stress at work and I don't want to ruin our dinner together just by getting her worried about me and thinking that I had turned crazy or something

"How was yours?" I asked her trying to get the attention off myself for a second.

" Good as well, you know the usual day at the hospital, broken bones, gunshots to the stomach..." Of course my mother would say it was a normal day I just dont know how she gets through with it all really? I would not know how to feel knowing people were in such pain and having to deal with the blood and all that. Thats not for me no way... I think i'll just stick with my artistic ability to get a living...

"Sweety did you hear what I said?" my mother interrupted my thoughts

"Huh?" I spoke up shaking the thoughts from my mind to pay my full attention to her.

" Is there something wrong?" She said placing two plates full of food on the kitchen table " No, i'm fine" I responded

"You seem a little distant"

"No mom I'm fine really I'm just thinking" I told her

"Oh ok" she smiled brightly. We both sat down enjoying our meal and enjoying one anothers company.

I stood up placing my plate in the sink " Thanks mom the pasta was amazing" I said with a smile I walked over to where she was sitting and gave her a loving hug

" I'm getting tired, I'm going to head up and go to sleep" I said not really knowing if I was going to be able to

" Goodnight mom, love you" I said heading up

" Night Camilla, love you to sweetie" she said as she stood up.

Heading up to my room, I stopped in front of my art room I stepped inside scanning through all my artwork when one portrait caught my attention. The portrait that I had drawn that very night, the night when I finally got a clear picture of somebodys face, that mesmerizing beautiful face with incredible features. I realized that I had been sitting on my stool for minutes now just staring at this drawing I had made of him.As I stared more and more at the picture I noticed that I had not only drawn him but there was some detail behind him, but it was faded you could only tell what it was if you knew, or better yet should I say seen what I had drawn from my dream.

It was getting late so I decided to go to bed, this time for real, I left the portrait where it had been from when I entered the room.

As I entered my room I decided to take a quick shower so I could get relaxed before going to bed and hopefully, being able to sleep for the first night in many nights since my dream.

When I was done taking a shower I got my comfy pajamas and slid inside of them. When I got into bed I felt better, I felt relieved in a way.

* next day*

*phone went off*

I woke up to the noise of my phone beeping, I checked my phone and it was my friend Emily

From: Emily

Heyy:) whats up,are you free today feeling like it can be a girls day?

To: Emily

Hey, not much just in bed, I cant today maybe another day? :)

From: Emily

K sounds good txt me when you're available :}

To: Emily

ok bye

From: Emily

bye :)

I felt bad telling Emily I was busy, I really had the whole day to do whatever I wanted, its just I had finally been able to sleep last night and I kinda wanted to have a lazy day. I will just call or text her later and make plans for next week or something. I glanced over to my phone and saw it was 10:30 a.m., plenty of time to just do nothing and go back to sleep for a while.

As much fun as this doing nothing thing is I was actually tired of it, so I decided to sleep in for a bit longer then take a quick shower and go grab something to eat or maybe go to Starbucks instead of just lying here all day.

* At Starbucks*

This is actually a beautiful warm day in sunny California to do something fun, but of course, being the lazy girl I am, I decided to do nothing today, but at least I decided to come and grab a drink, at least that counts for doing something, right?

When I walked in there was no line so I went to order my drink

" Hi, how may I help you today?" the girl behind the register said with a friendly smile

" Hi, can I get a Venti Caramel Brulee Frappuccino and.. umm" I looked at the menu to see what kind of muffins and scones they had. I was kind of hungry it was past noon and I hadn't eaten anything all day.

"and a Blueberry Scone please" I finally say

" That will be $7.25" I got out my money out of my purse and handed her a ten dollar bill. She handed me my change and asked for my name

"Camilla" I said smiling and went to an empty table to wait for my drink.

Just as I was going to do so I remembered I had left my computer in the car, so I went outside to grab my computer, I then walked back into starbucks, just as I got back in I saw my drink was ready. I grabbed my drink and went back to the empty table I had been at minutes ago. I took a sip of my drink and it was refreshing just what I needed to liven me up a bit.

I turned on my computer, and looked through my emails, I saw that nothing was new so I opened up my Twitter instead while taking a bite of the blueberry scone, just as I did that four really cute guys walked in, three of the boys didn't really acknowledge me but the last boy to walk in the one with leather jacket and amazing cheek bones might I add smiled at me and then followed his friends to the register to order their drinks.

When they were done ordering three of the guys walked over to a table in the corner, but the one that smiled at me walked over to me and took a seat right in front of me. I had my drink in my hand and I took another drink before smiling once again.

"Hey" he started the conversation

"Hi" I said shyly I didn't really know him at all so I tried to keep my distance a bit, I knew he was cute though he took off his leather jacket, right from the start I could tell he wasn't my type he revealed the tattoos all over his arms.

"So whats a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?" he said to me in a teasing way

" I'm waiting for a friend" I lied

" Oh we both know that isn't true" he said and he was right, I wasn't scared of him I just didn't like were this would be headed.

"Umm" i was nervous not knowing would to say

"Oh just leave the girl alone" a male voice said. At this point I was just staring down at my hands on my computer

" C'mon Zayn shes clearly not into you lets just head over to the rest of the boys, and you can leave her alone, its obvious you scare her" a giggle left my mouth, as I had the courage to look up at the guy. I saw that his back was faced to me all I could see was his hair, but this wasn't one of the boys who walked in with Zayn, I think thats what the curly haired guy said was his name.

As he turned to face me I could see that half of his face was hidden with his Ray-Bans. He shook his hair and his perfect like hair caressed his face just like... he took his Ray-Bans off looking at Zayn before saying something I couldn't really hear because I was lost in my thoughts, he turned back one more time smiling as his full face was on view, his captivating smile brought me back into reality as I realized who he was.

I just sat there frozen staring at him I could feel my mouth agape as I scanned him up and down making sure it wasn't a vision or it wasn't a dream I was having.

How could I forget those eyes, those sparkling green orbs just looking up at me with meaning, like if they had to tell me something,and that smile, that captivating smile with perfect like dimples, how could anyone forget something as beautiful as that? A smile that could move mountains, and that hair those perfect chocolate brown curls fell upon his face so perfectly caressing his beautiful face, I drew him... every bit of him everything I saw was portrayed in my portrait perfectly...

It had to be him, it was him who else could it be? I just couldn't believe he was real and not an imagination that my mind had created like I had thought before. The way he looked at me... I knew I just knew it was him, he looked at me like the way he did in my dream, but then after a couple of seconds he started to look at me weird. I realized I was staring at him oddly and I hadn't taken my eyes off of him

" What are you staring at? Do I have something on my face or what"

He said rudely before grabbing a drink one of his friends had ordered for him,and walking out of the coffee store.

It took me a couple of seconds to process what had happened before standing up " Is everything ok?" zayn asked "y-yeah" I said stuttering and rushing out the door to follow this mysterious guy who I still didn't know the name of I don't think Zayn said his name, or maybe he did but I was too mesmerized by him to pay attention.

When I stepped out the door to try stop him "Wait"

I called out while looking both sides of the sidewalk and he... he was gone, just like that. My dream had appeared in front of my eyes and in a matter of seconds it had disappeared once again.

(Thank you guys for reading this story it mean a lot!!)

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