Camilla Parker a 19 year old girl from California what happens when the unordinary happens? When she keeps on discovering things that might not be for her? What happens when she starts getting visions and one day she sees it she sees the person she can save? Will she tell him, will she be his savior or will he be hers??


5. Feelings

I took a step forward to him and got a hold of his face forcing him to look at me. He looked me in the eyes and I smiled then I crashed my lips to his and Harry surprisingly kissed me back just the way I did moments ago. As the seconds went on the passion was increasing and I couldn't nor did I want to pull away and I had a feeling that Harry felt the same way.

By this time I had about 5 beers and 2 shots in my system. I'm not a big drinker but everybody was having fun and I didn't want to be the one just standing there with the long face, and to be honest I actually had something I was enjoying.

Harry and I have been dancing now for quite a while now he was the one that broke the kiss but it was long and wonderful. I think people started to stare that's why he disconnected our lips. After the kiss he seemed happy and more energetic than before, he connected my hands with his and we started dancing twirling around and dancing sexy.

Every once in a while he would tell me he would be right back and he would go and get us both a drink. I could tell he was having fun. We drank, danced and had fun I was actually enjoying myself with him, he was hot I couldn't deny that.

There was so many girls there that I thought he would get bored with me and just leave to go with a prettier girl. He surprised me by only keeping his eyes glued on me seeing my every move I could tell he scanned me up and down once in a while.

I was dancing with Harry when I noticed Emily and Michelle dancing close by with the guys they were outside with they seemed to be having fun like Harry and I, they both had drinks in hand. Looked like we were going to have an amazing night.

As the time went by the people in the room were decreasing. I think it was either the party was getting boring and they were leaving or people were getting drunk and heading up stairs, I think it was the second choice. This party is getting amazing and I'm loving every second of it.

"I'll be right back" Harry told me, he was probably getting another drink. I nodded and he was on his way.

I scanned the room to see Alondra, Emily, and Michelle dancing in the middle of the crowd. I stumbled over, I think that I should probably stop drinking because I had no idea who was going to take us home I don't think I can anymore unless I want to go to jail.

"Hey" I slurred

"Hey" they said in unison.

"Having fun?" Alondra asked me.

"I'm actually having a blast what about you guys?" I responded.

"It's fun! A lot of cute guys are here" Michelle said with a smile and I returned the smile.

This unfamiliar guy walked up to us and gave me a smile, he handed a drink to Emily and reached for her hand.

"Bye" Emily said blushing a bit.

We waved and she was on her way with the guy, I looked over to continue my conversation with the girls and I noticed I was standing alone. Alondra was grinding with the blonde babe and Michelle with the tall guy she was with outside.

I turned around almost bumping into someone "Sorry" I said.

"You just love bumping into me don't you?" Harry said laughing.

"Yeah totally" I joked Harry handing me another shot, I took it in my hand and smiled.

"Looks like somebody wants to get me drunk" I said teasing him.

"Maybe" he said raising an eyebrow.

I took the shot and drank it all at once, Harry followed and did the same, he took the shot glass and handed it to someone. He grabbed my hand again and we went to our places from before. We started to dance again, every moment that went by I was having more and more fun seeing the way my friends danced with the guys they are with and seeing Harry and myself getting tipsy.

*Harry's POV*

I saw as Camilla danced she truly looked like she was having fun with me. She seemed happy, she also looked like she was drunk not to the point of throwing up yet but she definitely needed help getting around because she could fall on her face with a slip. You know what the weird thing is that when I usually come to these parties I dance with one girl and another and another because they bore me and I can't find anything interesting in them but you know what Camilla is different. I don't know what it is about her but there's something, something that makes me curious and makes me want to discover more about her.

Someone interrupted my thoughts by tapping on my shoulder. I turned around to find three girls look at me.

"Can I help you I said?" a bit irritated they were distracting me from looking at Camilla and that's something I don't want to miss.

"Hi," one of the tall girls said.

"We are Camilla's friends" she continued

"Can you t-tell her w-we're leaving?" She stuttered probably drunk as well as everybody else.

"You can tell her" I said pointing at her.

"No don't want to interrupt her, she seems l-like she's having fun" she said smiling.

"Ok" is all I said as I turned around I turned back again.

"Wait, you're driving in that state?" I said a bit concerned

"No, Camilla is driving her car, so were leaving with that guy we met when we arrived" she answered again.

"Who?" I said curiously

"I am mate, don't worry about it" Zayn said walking into the room.

He looked a bit odd for some reason, maybe mad but I didn't know why. I nodded and with that he escorted the three girls out. As they walked past Camilla she lifted her head and the three girls waved at her and she did the same.

"Where are they going?" she asked.

"Zayn's just going to take them home" I responded.

"Ok" is all she answered and got my hands and we begin to dance once more.

After 4 beers and a couple shots I stopped counting I was getting a bit concerned because Camilla looked really drunk now. I had to basically hold her up so she could still function but it would take her a while to process things.

"I think it's time for you to stop Camilla" I said after she got a drink and she was about to put the cup to her mouth.

"Ok" she complied surprising me.

"I'm a bit tired" she said.

"Ok do you want me to take you home?" I asked her not really knowing if she was going to be able to give me the right directions.

" S-sure" she said.

"Where do you live?" I asked her and she started to think for a moment.

"Uuum, Harry?" she giggled.

"Yeah?" I said

"You won't believe me but I can't remember" she continued giggling.

"Don't worry you can stay here" I said smiling at how beautiful she was even in her drunken state. I mean I was drunk to but not as much as her and the effect hasn't settled in yet as much as her.

"Ok" she gave me a bright smile.

"Lets go up stairs" I said grabbing on to her, Camilla nodded and I took her hand like I've been practically doing the whole night.

As we reached the stairs I noticed she was going to have a struggle getting up. I had a hold of her so I decided to pick her up and carry her bridal style. I wasn't the type of guy to do that but if I didn't it was going to take quite a while just to get up so I did just that and all she did was giggle and look up at me smiling.

When we got to the top and walked in the hallway I was still carrying her I opened the second door to the right and got in. I set Camilla on my bed and went to my dresser I pulled out a black shirt and some shorts I walked over to Camilla and handed her my items of clothing.

"Here" I said

She reached out her hand but looked at me confused.

"Your dress might be uncomfortable to sleep in, so change in my clothes if you want to" I said, she nodded her head but still didn't do anything.

"Oh sorry" I said realizing she wasn't going to change in front of me, of course.

"I'll be outside just make sure to lock it and let me know when the coast is clear" I said walking to the door.

"Wait, Harry" she said.

"Yeah?" I said about to open the door.

"You can stay just don't look" she said not looking at the clothes giggling a bit. Gosh I think I like drunk Camilla cause she seems to be bubbly and alive.

"No its fine I'll just be outside" I said pointing to the door.

"No really Harry I don't want to be alone" she said now looking into my eyes.

I nodded and locked the door I walked back and turned around.

"Cover your eyes" Camilla demanded

"Camilla I won't ..."

"Harry" she warned.

"Fine" I said turning back and covering my eyes.

I was now laying in my bed with Camilla, I rubbed her arm and played with her hair and she looked like she was studying my face. I was just going to say something when my phone beeped, it was Zayn.

From: Zayn

If Camilla asks tell her, her friends are safely home

To: Zayn

K thanks mate

"That was Zayn" I tell her she looks up and I continue.

"He said your friends are safely home" I say

She nods and begins to caress my hair as I begin to play with her hair once again. We stayed like that for minutes when I looked down at her I noticed she had fallen asleep.

I smiled at her beauty and laid there thinking just of random things, nothing in particular but mostly of what had occurred tonight. I looked back at Camilla and she had turned over so she was now not facing me.

I decided to put my arm around her and cuddle with her. This was something that was fairly new to me, I didn't do this shit, but with her it was different. She did seem a bit cold even though she had my clothes on and we were covered by a blanket. I brought her closer to me so I could give her warmth and to be honest just to be close to her. I gave Camilla a kiss on the cheek and just stared at her sleeping .

I couldn't sleep to be honest I mostly looked at her thinking that maybe something could happen to her if I fell asleep. I knew that wasn't possible because I locked the door and I was here for her but you just never know.

I felt as if I had to protect her in a way even though I barely knew her I just knew I had to. I felt like we had connection, I had never before experienced this and I was willing to experience it with her, with Camilla.

(Thanks for reading ;) plz let me know if you like it!! Thanks)

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