Seperated at Birth

Arabella and Arianna are identical twin girls who were separated at birth. The twist is that they are both pregnant with TWINS!


1. I have a twin?

Hi I'm Arabella and I am 4 months pregnant. I'm 16 and I am pregnant with twins, mom says it runs in the family, so I asked if I had a twin and the room went quite, I thought that I was an only child, I went on a search for my long lost twin sister, it's all I got out of my mom.

Her twins point of view

Hi I'm Arianna I'm 16, and my Dad just got a call freaked out left me alone when I'm bigger than a freaking school bus, did I forget to mention I'm pregnant? About 5 months to be exact with twins. He said it runs in my moms family. Wait my MOM?Do I have a twin?

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