Trapped with Tom

Kathleen's first day at Hamilton Hodell was always going to be an interesting one, but even she could never have imagined it would turn out the way it did. A chance meeting with a familiar face - and a malfunctioning lift - will change her life forever.


1. Late

I'm rushing round, trying to track down a pair of tights and a missing shoe. My carefully pinned hair is slowly unravelling as I panic, falling across my face in delicate strands. 

Tights and shoe finally located, I gulp down a cup of tea and leave my flat.

I feel like crying - new job, new start - and I'm already late. The walk to work is short, but my shoe choice (black heels with little bows on the front) makes it seem twice as long, and twice as painful.

It's winter, and the cold is almost unbearable as I approach the office - I regret leaving my coat at home.

 I glance up at the sign.

Hamilton Hodell - 5th Floor.

My first day as an intern, and I get the feeling it's going to be an interesting one.

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