The true self

When you say my name is imposible to not know who I am. When you see me is imposible to not stop yourself from what you were doing and stare just to confirm that I'm near you. And if you are a fan, is imposible to not jump of joy, to cry, or simply just to scream that you love me.
Hi! I'm Justin Bieber, and this is my story behind the lights, cameras and paparazzi.


1. What I have and what I want

I think the dream of every 18 year teenage boy is to have thousands of girls screaming your name, yelling that they love you, that you are their idol, that you changed their lives, and (my personal favorite) you are the reason they wake up every day. If you think about it, it's really crazy, because a big part of them don't know you personaly, or if they met you, it was for just for a photo and a signature, and they even still love you because of the  music and the performances.

Another tipical boy wish is to have the coolest, the most expensive car that you've only seen in pictures. Yep! I have a couple of those as well.

So, on a whole: you have girls, cars, big houses, money, the opportunity to meet your celeb crush, to travel the whole world and I can continue all day!

But the things that I hate, are the ones to bring me down to reality... I can't have privacy, I barely see my family, I always work, I have every second planned every day, but the one that hurts the most is the fact that I can't have a normal teenage life: the high school experience, falling in love, getting bad grades, preparing your future, falling in love, college, cheating at exams, falling in love... I CAN'T have that. I'm practicly all day in a studio recording or writting songs. And I've never had a real girlfriend. A girl that I one day see and flirt with her, then take her number and ask her on a date, then realising that I really like her and she becoming mine, and then confesing our love to each other. NO! I've never had that. And now you would think:

"Bro, you are so stupid. Literaly almost every girl on this planet loves you. Why can't you pick one, dumbass?"

You see, I don't want a girl that loves Justin Bieber (which includes money and fame), I want one that loves Justin, the stupid, crazy me that isn't a world-wide popstar. And because I didn't find one, I don't have one.

When you grow up and live in this industry, like myself, you reach a point when the small things who come from the one you love become the most important things for you. For example, I would rather receive a kiss from my girl, then to have a ferrari parked in my garage. Trust me, you would too!


-Justin?! JUSTIN!! Scooter was bringing me on Earth from another daydreams of mine.

-What's the rush, bro? I was almost falling from my chair, when he waved his hands in front of my face.

- You're done.

He was smilling... Strange!

I was confused... But when he saw me with no expresion on my face, he continued.

- The tour is over! You have the whole summer for yourself!

-What? I was practicly jumping and dancing like a freak, but again, Scooter stoped me.

-You have 90 days.


"I have 90 days to find my princess. I can't mess this up!" I thought.

-Hey, Louise? What about a blond Bieber? I yelled to catch my stylish attention.

Yes, you're right! I'm going to disguise, to be just a normal teenage boy for 90 days. Hopefully, the best 90 days of my life!


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