The true self

When you say my name is imposible to not know who I am. When you see me is imposible to not stop yourself from what you were doing and stare just to confirm that I'm near you. And if you are a fan, is imposible to not jump of joy, to cry, or simply just to scream that you love me.
Hi! I'm Justin Bieber, and this is my story behind the lights, cameras and paparazzi.


6. Well, pop star, I haven't!

Ok, so I don't know about you who have little sisters. But from now on, I know how annoying girls can be. Me and Nicole are not even throught our first hour staying in the same room and we had 2 argumets: we first fought about the channel we'll be watching...she wanted to see a fashion show, I wanted a scary movie. Who do you thing won? Nobody because we broke the TV. We fought over the remote and it landed in the TV.

"Well done you two! A good way to start a friendship"

Moving on...The second time in was more stupid then the first time... Luckly she had her purse with her and being bored as hell she had the smart ideea to start scenting my room with some parfume shit...And we fought again..and now...we are literally standing in the opposite part of my room. I was laying in bed and she was sitting next to the window admiring the view.

I couldn't stop starring at her. Not because she was beautiful or what not, because she was, but because I couldn't understand why she didn't like me.

"We know, you ego-maniac, that you are every girl's dream, well almost every girl's dream. But that doesn't mean you have to think like this because when fame get to lose ebverything and everybody you love and you become more and more distant and cold to people...and we can go on and on and...on...and"

Ok! I get it. But still I was starring at her.

-Oh my god! Can you please stop looking at me like that?! she said

Well, I thing we are on the talking mode again. But acting a little stupid to annoy her doesn't hurt anybody. She broke my Tv after all.

"It was 50% your fault too..."

That's not the point!

-Like what? I  finally could answer her.

-It not the first time people, especially girls, stupid ones may I add, stare at me like that because I told them I couldn't stand the billionaire singing doll Justin Bieber. They try to see throught me to try and found out why I hate you.

She simply smiled after ending her sentences. Sentences? Wow, a new record off Nicole speaking to me.

Because I didn't know how to reply I simply nodded and went back to my phone, when an ideea hit me. I quickly login on twitter and typed "Nicole" but wait, what's her last name?

- Adams.

She spokes living me frozen in my spot. Wait? How did she knew what I was thinking?

-Because you are idiot enough to think out loud.

She continued, yet I was still looking at my phone. After about 5 seconds a smirk appears on my lips. Another 5 seconds pass and I grab a pillow and trow it at her.

- Don't you dare call my belibers stupid! I laughed at her. She was suprised by my actions, but of course she had to fight back.After about two minutes it began a real pillow fight and...I wasn't winnig... She was on top on me looking very proud of herself. Nicole hit me on last time and then she stand up laughing.

Ok...ok, I admit..She was stronger then I thought.

She jumped on my bed closing her eyes.

I was starring at her, again...

-I can say whatever I want because is a free world, doll.

I didn't answer. I simply just lay down on the bed next to her closing my eyes as well.

Hold stomac is tinckling....

"JUSTIN! NICOLE IS HOLDING YOUR HAND!!! OH MY GOD! This is already turning into a soap romantic opera...I can't watch..."

Because I didn't believe myself i had to open my eyes...and there is was! Her soft hand was locked with mine. OMG, I can't breath! Justin, calm down!

But everything nice has a finish. Her phone started ringing and she got up to get it. Of course I had to listen to the conversation.

-Hey baby!

Ok, so she was already 110% happier and she was blushing? And giggling? I take a wild guess ("note the sarcasm*)... She was talking to her boyfriend...

"Sorry Justin...she is taken... In your face, motherfucher!!"

Well, thank you! Now I missed the rest of the conversation...

When she was done, she grabed her purse and opened my window.

-Whoa! Where are you going, miss?

I said while I closed the window.

-On a date.

She said smilling while opening the window again and climbing it. I guess she was living...

-I had fun, you know...

I told her truthfully.

-Well, pop star, I haven't. Do you know how many girls would kill me literaly to be in my position right now? Well, I'll tell you: A LOT.

That was the last thing she said before getting into a car smilling.

"She wasn't kidding when she said that she doesn't like you..."

Trust me...being a super star sometimes right now...

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