The true self

When you say my name is imposible to not know who I am. When you see me is imposible to not stop yourself from what you were doing and stare just to confirm that I'm near you. And if you are a fan, is imposible to not jump of joy, to cry, or simply just to scream that you love me.
Hi! I'm Justin Bieber, and this is my story behind the lights, cameras and paparazzi.


2. Weird...

It's amazing what some make-up, contacts and a blonde wig, can do!

I looked in the mirror. I couldn't recognize myself. I knew it was me, but I was a totally different person. My blond wig shone in the light and the blue contacts sparkled when I was happy. I was still wearing my clothes, but I had to conceal my tattoos, because my fans could recognize me by them easily...

-Thank you so, so much! I hugged Louise, when she finished her master piece.

-I did pretty damn good! She laughed still looking at me.

- JUSTIIIN!!!! Time to go! Scooter yelled when he came in the styling room.

When he saw me, he looked confused.

-Em...I sorry, I was looking for Justin. Louise have you seen him?

I look at her, and then we both burst in laughter.

-I'm Justin Bieber. Nice to meet you! I handed him my hand for him to shake it.

Scooter looked more confused, narrowing his eyes still staring at me.


-In the flush! I smiled and again, my blue contacts sparkled.

-Oh my god! Good job, Louise! I still can't believe Justin is blond!

We laughed.

After about 45 minutes of Scooter being in denial, he finally realized it was really me...

When we went to the airport, nobody yelled after me, or run to catch me. It was weird being a normal person, but still I liked it.

-Ok. Justin, here is your new passport, if someone ask for it, just give it to them. But I'm pretty sure is not going to happen because the whole airport knows that Marc Drew Bieber is really Justin Drew Bieber. And if people ask if you are Justin Bieber, you'll tell them naturally that you're not and a lot of people ask you that. You're just lucky to have the same last name as him.

I nodded, and then said good bye.

If was really weird to go through all the security, because I always just go straight to my personal jet without this whole thing. But still, I liked it.

"So now. The plan is really simple! I go meet as many girls as I can, when I feel that is the one, I stay with her day and night, till my 90 days are over. God, please, let me meet her quickly to have as much time to get to know her as I can. Because when the holiday is over, only God knows if I'm going to see her ever again." I thought while I made myself comfortable.

Somebody cleared their throat. When I met the person's eyes, I immediately felt in Heaven. It was a girl, a really beautiful one. When she saw my staring, she rolled her eyes and mumbled something to herself.

-You are on my seat. She falsely smiled.

-Oh, sorry.

Then again, I was starring at her.

-Can I have it back?

I immediately felt embarrassed and made my way to the seat next to her.

-I'm Bieber... J-Marc Bieber.

"Ok, that was close." I thought, while emphasizing my last name, to make her interested ino me, it always work.

-Ok, James Bond. She laughed and continued.

-I'm Nicole.

I was confused. She  recognized the way of present myself, but not my name.

-Em...Don't you want to ask me something?

-No. Do I?

I tried to sing something for her to make her recognize me. But it didn't work... It only made me look more stupid in her eyes.

For the whole flight, the sky was more interesing to her, then the fact that JUSTIN BIEBER tried to have a conversation with her.

After we collected our luggage, she for the last time, smiled to me, then dissapeard in the ocean of people.

I was still feeling weird...

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