The true self

When you say my name is imposible to not know who I am. When you see me is imposible to not stop yourself from what you were doing and stare just to confirm that I'm near you. And if you are a fan, is imposible to not jump of joy, to cry, or simply just to scream that you love me.
Hi! I'm Justin Bieber, and this is my story behind the lights, cameras and paparazzi.


4. The James Bond guy, right?

If you read fan-fiction, you would know that 99.9% of times, the author describes the girl getting ready for something important, but not this time my friend! I'm litteraly in my bathroom since 1 in the afternoon and now it's 6. My mom had to use the guest bathroom to get ready for this dinner.

In my defence, I haven't been in the bathroom to live in it (but with a laptop and some chips I can work it out), but this all disguise thing is still confusing me... I lost two pairs of my blue contacts, I found out that fake hair, aka my blond wig, doesn't work to well with my hair products, and my planned outfit has been splashed with basically now I look like a hot mess.

"You know what, Justin? You are beeing stupid! Stop trying to make yourself pretty for some unknown girl,ok? That's her job! So, get yourself damn together and put on some simple jeans and a ty!"

-You're right...I'm right?...Damn...I'm really stupid... I agreed with my consciousness

"Yes you are!"

-Shut up! I was getting frustrated with myself.


After about 10 minutes staring in the mirror at my reflection, I decided that I'll wear the first things that catches my eyes from the closed.

When I was finally succeeding putting my contacts on, my mom knocked on my door to tell me that the guests have arrived.


Beeing the gentleman I am, I wanted to introduce myself to the people and helping them gettind comfortable in the living room. But when I saw her, I just couldn't...What is she doing here?

"She's having dinner with your family, duh?"

But why she? From the thousands of teenage girls in this city, why is she in my house?

"It's called destiny, you idiot! Now go there before you make this dinner even awkward. Now remember, you have limited time home so if you really like her, don't act like stupid Justin, but strange Marc!"

Because that's much better! *feel the sarcast*

"Hey! It's not my fault! You gave me just two options!"

Here it goes...

When I went in the living room I saw them all having a conversation. Well, I guess I'm going to ruin it. My mom saw me and she stand up to introduce me.

-Well everyone, this is my son Marc. She smilled at the guests.

When Nicole saw me, she half laughed. She stand up and came closer to me.

-The James Bond guy, right? She looked at me while I nodded. 

A second later she turned around, and her hair hit my face. I could smell a scent of roses coming from her.

-Mom, this is the kid I told you about. Her mom laughed too while she said that.

I was just standing there awkwardly, while my mom, her mom and herself had a conversation. 

After a while , her dad came to sit next to me on the couch.

-I'm Jonh. He introduced himself.

-Nice to meet you sir. I'm...

-Justin Bieber. He finished my sentence.

When he saw me looking puzzled, he explained how his family knew my mom, some close friends I guess that I never heard of.

It seems that Jonh and his wife Anne, were here with me while I grown up. Why Nicole wasn't in the picture? I don't know and he won't tell me. I guess I'll drop the topic...Whatever...

-Is nice how you try to be someone else in your free time. But, trust me Justin, when someone knows you, such as real fans and family like myself, they will always recognize you, even if you wear the heaviest make-up in the world. He smiled while saying that.

-What's really funny is the fact that she didn't recognize you. Even after you singing to her. You know...I'm sorry to inform you, but she is not your biggest fan...maybe she's the opposite? Jonh continued looking a little worried.

He stoped to look at me. I was prosesing all of the informations. Her parent saw me grow up, my mom saw her grow up, her dad won't tell me why I hadn't grown up with her...and..she hates Justin Bieber...Perfect!

-It was a good idea to meet her while you were disguised. She told us when we got home from the airport that she met a cute boy, but a little strange one...and she thought for a second it was really you, Justin Bieber, and she wanted to tell you a couple of things, but when she was wrong, she was glad that you weren't him, because she liked you.

Finally some good news! Well...kind off...



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