The true self

When you say my name is imposible to not know who I am. When you see me is imposible to not stop yourself from what you were doing and stare just to confirm that I'm near you. And if you are a fan, is imposible to not jump of joy, to cry, or simply just to scream that you love me.
Hi! I'm Justin Bieber, and this is my story behind the lights, cameras and paparazzi.


5. no,no,no,NO!

I'm feeling like a computer right now...You know, when you put it to download more things at once, and it's moving slower then normal? Well, imagine the human version and you have me. The whole Nicole thing was a little more then expected for some old friends of my mother's. But, wait... For some unknown reasons, I think her dad is not telling me the whole truth. Well, is time for Detective Justin to investigate!

-So...if you wanted to see my mom, why did you bring Nicole with you?

I tried to sound dumb so he wouldn't think I really wanted some answers...

-Ah! Is easy..I wonder why Pattie didn't tell you already... I don't know if you know but Nicole is smaller than you with exactly an year.When you were born, my wife had some problems and she couldn't get pregnant. When Pattie heard the sad news, she told us that God will bless us with a child eventually. When my wife got pregnant in the same moth as your mother, she told us that is a sign. And when my wife's water broke exactly in the first day of spring, Pattie was with her and she promised that if it's a girl, we will get you guy's together because is a too obvious sign.

When he finished, I was shocked. If earlier I was confused, now I was like what the actual fuck? Just because we are both born on the 1st of March, that doesn't mean my mom can make a stupid promise about my future wife.That is huge! Two weeks ago I didn't even know Nicole existed...

-So, you are telling me that we practiclly have the future planned together? I was slowly getting angry.

-Yes. This is the reason of this visit. So you and Nicole can get to know each other.

OK, now I'm angry...really angry...

-Look, my mom was young, she made a stupid promise. She didn't know I would get this big. You can't even imagine how many fans I have around the world. I'm the most famous teenage in the world. I have planned future tours, albums, concerts. I can't get married just because you say so, not that I want to get married to a stranger anyways.

He was getting angry aswell.

-Justin, you have to understant that you don't have a choise. Pattie made a promise and we agreed with it.

-no,no,no,NO!!! I'm not going to ruin my future because of a stupid promise my mom made years ago! You just want your daughter to become a Bieber so you can take my money!

I was yelling, I lost it...bye bye good manners.

The bad thing was that the girls stopped talking so they can see what was happening.

-If you think I'm the only one hating this ideea, I suggest you ask Nicole as well.

When she heard her name, she stand up and came to sit next to his father. Because I didn't want to see the same conversation/yelling betwen them, I simply went to my room.

Exactly how I expected, I heard a lot of yelling and after about 10 minutes a door was slammed and the screaming was gone. I guess, Nicole didn't take the news very well. Don't get me wrong, she is extremly beautiful, but nobody can tell me who I can and can't marrie, not even my mother. Because of this stupid promise I don't want to have anything to do with this girl, damn...well it looks like Marc is disappearing, and Justin can have a nice holiday with his family, he doesn't need any girls right now, he has thousands of beliebers.

"Psst, Justin, you have a visitor...Don't be nervous!"

Why would I be nervous? Oh, is just Nicole looking as angry as she can in front of me.

Wait what?

-Is this a joke, because is not funny! Why is my father telling me that my future husband is going to be Justin fucking Bieber?

To protect myself, expecially my face, I took a step back.

-Psst, I'm Justin Bieber and my second name is Drew, thank you. And second of all, I'm as angry as you are, but that doesn't mean I look like I could kill the american army, cupcake.

Ok, Justin, bad choise of words.

-Look, milions of dollars doll face, I'm not here to have tea with you and the England Queen, but to figure out why my parents are telling me that the biggest asshole on the planet is my so called soul mate. From millions of boys in the world, they choose the one I hate the most...

I think she was saying to herself the last part, if you ask me.

-That hurt, baby girl...

Ok, I have to stop being sarcastic.

-If you do love your voice, I suggest you shut up.

I could reply, because the sound of a key rang in my ears. Please don't tell me, my mom closed us here...

-Perfect, I'm stuck with this stupid fucking asshole...

-...I get it!

-Oh, I'm not done yet!

-Not that I care, honeyboo!

-Oh my god, can you stop?

-If you stop!



She is not so bad afterall...not that I care...

"Yes you do, honeyboo"

Ok, that nickname is really annoying.


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