Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


16. We create a portal in the bathtub

The plan, for lack of a better word, was insane. After my meeting with Reyna, I collected Brynna and Konnor to discuss the plans for war. We had exactly twenty-four hours to get the campers from Camp-Half blood to Camp Jupiter. Then we had to make armor, weapons, shields, and other necessities for all the campers going into battle. While an army was coming through one end, we were sending the elderly, young children, and hospital patients to Camp Half-Blood for safety measures. Frederick had a fit because he wouldn't be fighting, and Athena refused to leave the hospital. Apparently a son of Apollo had caught her eye and was waiting on her hand and foot. I laughed  aloud when Fred reminded her of poor George back home in Brooklyn, and how heart broken he'd be. This made Athena turn as pink as her arm cast. After a little persistence they both agreed to go, and I was there to see them off the next morning.

With a little help from the goddess Iris and my friend Marci, we managed to make a wide enough Iris message to send about fifty people at a time. The portal was held in the First Cohort's bathroom, since it had the only large bathroom in the whole camp. Of course the campers were willing to comply, all except Augustus who was having a royal fit.

"You can't destroy the bathrooms for you own stupid inventions! Can't anyone see this is obviously a filthy Greek trick! Is no one listening! As head of the Roman guard I order you to seize the Greeks and the traitor!" He shouted, pointing at Konnor, Brynna, and me.

"Shut up Gus, your only head of the Jr. guard, now scram before we report you to Reyna." A stocky kid name Nick said.

He and his buddies were outfitted in full Roman armor and carried swords and spears. The youngest one looked about thirteen, and had dark hair and wild hazel eyes.

"You must be Troy, Reyna's son." I said to him.

He smiled and nodded. Soldiers weren't supposed to speak unless directed to by their commanders, or unless they were giving orders.

"If you have any more complications with anyone, please let me know." Nick said flashing his smile full of metal.

I nodded and returned to the portal as they made their exit, but not before I happened to be looking up that I  caught Troy staring at me. He blushed then winked and disappeared. Wonderful a Greek and Roman, and not just and Greek and Roman, a Jackson and a child of lead Praetor. Reyna would be so thrilled.

By the morning everything was complete as I stood at one end and knew Marci was in her place on the other end. Adam and Nick rolled in a massive hunk of gold molded into the shape of a coin.

"Let's hope this works, this is the only coin we could make with out using all our supplies." Adam said huffing.

I nodded and motioned for Brynna and Maria Zhang to open the doors to the let the sun light in. The beams bounced of the mirrors and water to create a rainbow that painted the cream walls with color.

"Now drop the coin in the tub." I instructed Nick.

He ordered his men to push the coin into the water and with several heaves and shoves, the coin sank into the tub flooding the bathroom.

"Camp Half Blood!" I shouted into the haze as the image of the camp appeared.

I saw Marci standing in her spot waving at me, I nodded and together we shouted.

"I wish to contact, everyone!"

Suddenly the portal ripped open and Marci fell out of the tub on to the wet floor. As I helped her up several other campers began flooding in faster than the water. Nick directed the campers outside and he brought in everyone else in to be transferred over.  Athena and Fred were the last to go. I smiled sadly as once again I was saying good-bye.

"Be careful Penelope, and when you find that Jillian, give her a fountain for me would you?" Athena said in all seriousness as she slipped into the portal.

I nodded and she was gone, turning to Fred I eased him into the tub just as the sun was beginning to set.

"Give these guys hell Pen, and I believe in you, where ever mom and dad are, I'm sure they believe in you, and are fighting to see you again."

I hugged  and kissed his forehead as he slipped from my arms into the tub, and was gone. Konnor held me as I cried. Brynna sat by us and rubbed my arm. I shook my head and wiped the tears from my face. The gods would not see me cry, I was determined to win this battle without their help, because no one was going to decide fate  for me.


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