Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


12. Three words... I'm in pain!

I don't remember much after being attacked by the vampire snake things, and I really didn't want to remember. What I do remember was the aftermath, I started to space out and then come back, I felt like dying was the easiest way for me to not feel pain, but an annoying voice was telling me to keep fighting. The storm had stopped so Konnor set up the plane to go into auto pilot, which angered a lot of the mortals on the ground. Afterwards he and Brynna tended to me. I don't remember what they did but Konnor pulled out some fungi looking things from my arm and boy did it burn. It woke me out of my dream state and I began thrashing and screaming. I remember Brynna held my head tight as Konnor worked to clean my arm. I kept screaming trying to wriggle free and move away from Konnor. It got to the point where Brynna had to sit on me to keep me from moving. It didn't help when she offered me anything to eat or drink, I was foaming at the mouth and my eyes were red and puffy from the tears streaming down my face. I was in total pain!

Finally my arm felt numb and I wasn't in a lot of pain. Konnor wrapped my arm as Brynna forced ambrosia down my throat and I was calm. The set up the chairs in first class as a bed for me and took turns watching me. Every now and then I'd have a seizure reaction and Konnor would hold me down while Brynna stuffed cotton balls in my mouth to keep me from biting down on my tongue. It'd felt like days compared to hours on that plane, but we'd finally landed in California. They'd put me in a wheel chair and rolled me out of the airport. To everyone else I looked like a mental patient wrapped and bound to the chair. Marci had told me about this nifty little thing called the Mist, apparently it changes what mortals see, it keeps us hidden from the rest of the world. Neat huh?

The California sun made my sickness go away and soon I didn't need the wheel chair; or the sling Konnor had put my arm through. Now I just needed to  keep it clean and bandaged. Though I felt better I had to be careful not to over exert myself. Brynna kept me on a strictly healthy diet of magical plants an ambrosia. Needless to say I felt better and was saving my strength for the next challenge, the Roman demi-gods.

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