Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


18. The Unknowns

The lights began to flicker, as the wind picked up and the music stopped. I looked up at the entrance of the tent and saw several pairs of red eyes. I blinked and then there was only one. The lanterns had been blown out and several campers were scrambling to re-light them. Troy left my side to join his fellow comrades of the Guard and Brynna and Konnor came to replace him.

"What is that?" Konnor muttered.

"I don't know." Brynna said looking around for something to defend herself with. I remembered my brief conversation with Adam, and wanted to question her about why she left Camp Jupiter, but now wasn't the time.

As the dimly lit room was returned to a functional lighting the figure with red eyes stepped into the middle of the room. It looked almost human, except for the gray appearance and the red eyes. As it took a few steps I noticed it was faster than a normal human, but it moved with a heavy and stiff stride, like its legs were made of wood. The adult authorities had moved from their table and were making their way towards the creature when it spoke.

"Forgive me for the disruption of your festivity, I wish not to linger a moment more; but I am here for the one called Penelope Jackson.

I felt a lump in my throat as a wave of gasps and whispers filled the air. I moved forward to face the creature and I gasped. It looked like my brother, but it couldn't be him. Fred was at Camp Half-Blood, I was suddenly reminded of the dream I had so many night ago, about my family being stone like creatures with red eyes. Only then did I realize this was no dream it was a warning. I guess the creature knew his appearance had stirred something inside me, because he then said.

"C'mon Penelope, dad's waiting for us, we have to go now!"

"You are not my brother!" I shouted. "You are an Unknown!"

The Fred-Creature thing smiled and spoke aloud to the people crammed inside the tent.

"Either you give us Jackson, or we will take her by force. Anyone in our way will suffer a most painful death. You have until midnight before we make our attack." In a blink, it was gone.

Its words echoed in my ears but I quickly shook it away as I turned to face my friends.

"Well what are you waiting for?" A voice shouted. I turned to see Gus fuming and stamping his little feet. "Someone grab her! Are we going to risk our lived for one measly Greek?!"

At that moment several Romans began nodding their heads, but my friends began to stand as well. Konnor and Brynna moved to stand in front of me, protecting me. The Roman Guard made no movements.

Reyna lifted her head, and scanned the room. I didn't know what her thoughts were but I could tell she wasn't going to risk the lives of her campers, especially one who was her son.

"Nicholas!" Reyna called to him and pointed towards me and my freinds, "Advance!"

"Stop!" Troy shouted as his commander.

I winced because he was a lower rank than Nick, stepping out of line would mean severe punishment.

"Stand aside Troy. There will be no fighting tonight." Reyna announced.

"You are right mother. There will be no fighting, at least it will not start with me!" Troy shouted, He threw down his helmet and strode over to me, to defend me. (Boy was Athena going to be so jealous.)

Reyna was displeased and turned to Jason Grace.

"Jason." she said sharply. "Your daughter is in violation, control her!"

"Brynna!" he called to her. "Come here!"

"No dad. This is my friend. I will not let harm come to her." Brynna said firmly.

I could guess Brynna said no to her father a lot, because he rubbed his temples and turned to his son.

"Adam go get your sister." He growled.

I winced, but I didn't blame Mr. Jason he was in a tough spot his family was on the line. Adam walked towards Brynna his brow fixed into a scowl, as he reached out to grab her arm.

"Adam, please? I did it for you once, will you help us?" she asked quietly once he brother was closer.

I guess there was more to this guy than I thought. To my surprise and I'm sure to Brynna's, Adam put his arm down, and stood beside his sister.

"Honestly Jason, can you do anything? Piper! Control your-"

"Shut up Reyna!" Piper hissed, as she stepped away from her husband to join her children. She hugged both her kids then placed a hand to my face and winked at me. Reyna was furious as the authorities of Camp Half-Blood left her side and stood with us.

 Reyna shrieked loosing her composure. " Jason! Either you control your family of I will-"

"You will not touch my family Reyna." Jason growled at her, " Percy was right, and so is Penelope. It doesn't matter where you come from, what matters is who you choose to be; and quite frankly I choose to be a friend rather than foe."

He took his place next to his family, and his wife took his hand. With that motion the other adults followed as well and soon a few Roman demigods followed. Troy held my hand and stepped forward.

"Mother, and fellow Romans, this war with the Unknown has caused us to drift further apart, our friends of Greek want nothing more than peace with one another, and through out the world. If there is to be more fighting and blood shed it won't be starting with me." Troy said confidentially.

He raised my hand and we stood together a Greek and a Roman uniting the broken bond. 

"The time is eleven o'clock!" called the stone statue whose name I kept forgetting.

"We have an hour till midnight." I turned to Reyna who seemed overwhelmed with all the sudden changes in her world. "Will you help us?"

Reyna turned to her son, then to her campers, then to me. "I did not expect you to change fate. But it seem you have. Yes, Penelope Jackson. I will help you."

"Good, I have another question."


"Can we lock him somewhere till after the war?" I asked her pointing to Gus.

He stammered and squirmed as the Jr. guard began poking him with spears and tying him up.

Reyna looked at me and I swore she smiled, because she then said,"For once we seemed to agree."

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