Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


19. The Battle of Know

Almost immediately everyone ran from the tent to the arena where the weapons were kept. Greeks and Romans were no longer arguing or staying clear of one another; they were helping each other, working as one. Brynna, Marci and I ran to the bunker we were staying in and quickly changed out of our dinner wear. I pulled on my jeans and jacket, and grabbed my sword. I hadn't named my sword, but according to Konnor, the weapon would be more responsive to you if it was named. I'd have to think of one later then.

Running back outside fires were lit and protective barriers were placed around the city. Brynna and I made our way over to the arena, to get suited up, while Konnor and Adam went to secure the catapults that were being pulled on to the field. Nick had his troops dressing in there full battle armor across from Brynna and I. She immediately went to assist Nick, I'd discovered he was the lost love she'd left behind, when she moved to Camp Half-Blood. And even though they hadn't ended on that great of terms, they still remained friends.  I saw Troy struggle to put on his chest piece so I went over to him. I helped Troy tie his armor nice and tight and he helped me suit up.

"Do you have a plan?" he asked.

"Not entirely," I admitted,"but one thing is for sure, we need the gods to see us. They can't hide away on a mountain for ever."

"Well, lets put on a show then." Troy said as he winked at me.

I felt my face redden as he placed a helmet on my head. I turned to look at him but Brynna was marching towards me.

"Reyna needs to speak with you." she said urgently.

I nodded then sprinted out of the arena nearly crashing into Reyna.

"A bit clumsy Jackson?" she said as she offered me her hand.

I shook my head and got to my feet. I noticed she changed too. Her hair was tucked into a tight bun, and she was decorated with gold armor and her diamond encrusted helmet was tucked underneath her arm.

"Quickly we must discuss battle plans." she said.

A Jr. soldier brought her a map of the camp and spread it out in front of us. Konnor, Adam, and Mr. Zhang joined us as well.

"The Unknowns are extremely powerful, and can appear and disappear at a moments noticed." Mr. Zhang said, "But they can be contained. Since they're pure stone and evil they can't control they're emotions and can't think for themselves."

"But they're us, how's that possible?" Adam said confused.

"They're only designed to look like you and have basic knowledge of you, they have no memories that you have, and they work in a continuous pattern. They use brute force instead of strategy."

"So we knock em out with some boulders and it's all good?" Konnor said optimistic.

"No, not exactly." Mr. Zhang sighed, "The Unknowns will be persistent and they are very strong. A reminder to everyone, do not encounter an Unknown on your own, they will always go for the kill."

"So how do we stop them?" I asked.

"We don't know." Reyna said.

Suddenly Brynna rushed towards us, "Movement by the lake! It's five minutes until midnight!"

I looked to the people surrounding me, all of them had fighting experience I had only a month's worth, I was in way over my head.

"What's your big idea Jackson?" Adam asked.

"I haven't got one." I admitted.

"Then we're dead." he groaned. " I knew  letting you lead us into battle was a stupid idea."

"Lay off dude," Konnor warned," Here's what we'll do, Brynna you take all the archers and place them around the main entrances, Adam position all the catapults in a circle positioned outwards and make sure there's someone with a sword there to protect the campers firing the things. Mr. Z can you rally up all the ghosts and spirit things? Position them in the middle of the camp, they can be our eyes and ears if we don't see them coming. Reyna direct the Roman guard as you see fit, but they have to be alert and ready. Penelope come with me, we'll set up the water towers, alright let's GO!"

"Try not to get killed." Adam muttered as he brushed past me.

I ignored him as everyone ran to their given assignments and I followed Konnor.

"How'd you do that?" I asked as we sprinted across the field. "Give orders like that?"

"Simple," he said," Be the voice they need to hear, speak calm and firmly, even if you don't know what to do, give em something to do so that you can make it up as you go."

I stopped running and her turned around to look at me.

"That's a terrible idea." I laughed.

"Well it worked yeah?"

"Sure." We picked up our speed and ran to the head of the army.

At the top of the hill we could see everything, we quickly set up the large water towers and attached a spile so the water would come out quickly instead of getting stuck in a hose. I hammered the last spile into the tank and suddenly the bell chimed twelve, time was up.

"You ready?" Konnor asked me.

"Nope. I admitted. "But I promised my dad I'd make him proud."

"I'll bet all the drachmas in the world he is." Konnor said smiling down at me. 

A scream escaped from the battle field and a chill went down my spine.

"That sounded like Maci." Konnor said fear in his voice.

I nodded and looked over the field, and took in a deep breathe. The battle had begun.

I did my best taxicab whistle and Mrs. O'Leary was by my side in an instant, Konnor and I jumped on her back and raced to the field. We saw the battle before we could make out anything else. In the darkness the whole field was lit up with fire and everything was burning. The stone creatures had come in together as a pack, but now they were picking out their originals, and the campers were struggling. I whipped out my sword, and began cutting pieces out of the closest Unknowns. Konnor started pulling out knives and all sorts of weapons from the pockets of his jeans and began a full fledged killing machine. Unfortunately our weapons were only making chinks in the stone, we needed more power.

"Penelope!" Brynna shouted to me. I turned to see her and Nick fighting back to back with their own stone demons.

"We have to retreat!" she shouted.

"They're too strong!" Nick added.

I looked around me, and saw that they were right. With the adults out of commission we were left short, and no signs of the gods was appearing. We'd only been a few minutes in battle and already our forces were weakening. There was one for each demigod at both camps, their numbers were still at large, we needed help. 

"Hold them a little longer!" I shouted.

I ran to find Troy or anyone that could tell me where the adults were. I grabbed Konor and we searched the field for them, as well as helping anyone we could, and soon we found them all in the hospital tent, just sitting there. I motioned Konnor to stay outside and help, I had to talk to Reyna.

"What are you doing?" I asked them my voice reaching close to a yell, as I entered the tent.

"What does it look like Jackson?" Reyna said annoyed," We are staying away so we don't hurt our children."

"Don't you get it? We are hurting, if we lose this battle you will have no children to wait for!"

"It is you who doesn't understand!" Reyna shouted, "You have no family! No one is here for you! No one you love is going to die tonight!"

I was taken back as the other adults came forward to my defense. I took a breathe and thought of my father as I spoke.

"No you are correct on one thing, no one is hiding away hoping I return. But there are people I love fighting out there, and I have a family, they are always here." I said pointing to my chest. "My friends are out there, your children, and we are fighting for our lives to stop this madness, we need your help."

At that moment several nymphs brought in a wounded soldier, and the timing couldn't have been worse. I tried to get a good look at who it was as the adults ran forward, but it was Konnor who had come to tell me. It was Troy. Reyna ran to her only child and for the first time, she cried. He was bruised and battered. I took my leave as the adults just sat there. Konnor put his hand on my shoulder and I just looked at him. His eyes told me that he was sorry, but I could respond, there was no help coming, we were going to die. It was all my fault.

"We are in this together! All of us! Come one Penelope don't get down now, we need everyone." Konnor insisted.

I nodded, not matter what if I died tonight I would die fighting, this was my battle. I offered him a smile and whistled. Instantly Mrs. O' Leary was by my side and I climbed her furry leg.

"We need to contain them some how, get them all together that way we aren't scrambling." I said to him. "We need an edge."

"Agreed, but how do we do that?"

"No idea."

At that moment a loud battle cry broke from the hospital tent as the adults ran to our aid, Reyna at the lead. 

"Charge!" I cried and Mrs. O' Leary ran through the enemy guard as if she was running through grass. I drew my sword as the Unknowns tried to jump on Mrs. O' Leary. With the adults on our side the Unknowns were falling and their numbers started to go way down. There we're still a lot of them, we needed to contain them.

"Penelope watch out!" Konnor shouted. 

I whipped my head around and felt myself thrown from Mrs. O'Leary's back. The Fred Unknown was looming over me. It picked me up by the collar and threw me down to the ground. I scrambled to my feet and raised my sword between us.

"You're a fool Penelope Jackson." it hissed, "You will lose, you will suffer as your friends die." 

"Enough!" I shouted at it and raised my arms and swung my sword. CRUNCH. I looked down at the crumbling body as the head of my not brother rolled to my feet. At that moments I heard my friends run towards me and shake me as I felt my arms drop and I slumped forward.. 

"Penelope how did you do that?" Brynna asked as she held me up.

"Are you okay?" Konnor asked.

"We have to move out of the way." Nick said urgently.

I let myself be dragged to a near by ditch and  just felt my head swell up. I don't remember exactly what happened. I had my eyes peeled for my Unknown but with the Fred Unknown I just unraveled and let out all my bottle emotions on the thing. 

"What do we do now?" I heard Brynna ask.

"Yeah, these stupid things are intense," Nick said," I didn't even know I was that strong."

"You're not." Brynna said with a small smile,"I could kick your butt any day."

As the three of them continued to decide what to do, an idea had hit me. The Unknowns were looking for their originals, the demi-gods they were designed after. They knew basics of us, but they didn't knew truth they didn't know the substance, that made each of us special.The Unknowns had our weaknesses, but they didn't communicate they didn't know each other.

"That's it!" I said getting to my feet.

'What is?" they all asked at once.

"Instead of going after our Unknowns, lets go after each other. We know our weaknesses and advantages of each other, they don't! That's our edge! They aren't us! And aim for the heads, definitely."

"Well what are we waiting for?" Konnor smiled, "let's go!" 

'Spread the word," I told Nick, "I have a feeling this will be a game changer."

Nick gave me a small smile and then ran out of the ditch I felt good, and not too be boastful but I was ready to take one these things. And just in time, because one was coming after me. I started chopping heads if I got so lucky, I'd scream at the things and this surge of power would just run through me and destroy the things. Soon after the word spread the Unknowns took a huge spill, and the rest figured out that we had the upper hand. 

 I ran around the ditches and thought of the water towers, even though my lessons hadn't gone that great, I could summon water in an emergency I just couldn't control it.  I still had to try. I had to get them all together. I then did something so stupid and crazy I don't think even my dad would've done it. I ran into the middle of the field and shouted at the top of my lungs

"Bring forward the Penelope Unknown! You can't hide behind your army forever!"

The people near me looked as if I was crazy, but I ignored their looks and just kept shouting.

"C'mon, let's go already! Where are you? What are you afraid?"

"Penelope, shut up," Brynna said in all seriousness, "are you trying to get yourself killed?"

"What? Did Jillian not make you strong enough to handle me? Look around she's abandoned you!" I continued. "Once she has what she want you will be nothing! All of you will be nothing!"

"Jackson are you crazy?!" Adam shouted.

I ignored him as the ground suddenly shook and a gray figure appeared in front of me. It was my Unknown.

"Now you've done it!" Adam shouted as he made his way over to me. I wouldn't let him mess up my plan. I turned to face my Unknown and then shouted at it.

"You want me? Come and get me!" 

I took off running to the water tankards calling to all the campers behind me "Get ready! C'mon guys get to the ditches! Get those stupid stones to the ditches!" I kept running with my sword in hand, as fast I could, but the Unknown was just as fast. It managed to trip me up and  landed with a thud onto the ground. I felt it's cold stone hands pull me up by my hair and it pulled me to its face. 

"You are a disgrace to your father." it spat. "Child of Poseidon's lineage yet you can't even control a simple glass of water!"

I continued to struggle as it hoisted me higher into the air.

"Behold the pathetic warrior! I am the true Daughter of the Sea not you!"

In an instant it threw me like I weighed no more than a simple pebble, and I smacked my head against the water tower and slid all the way own only to land my face in the dirt. 

"Well that's one way of getting here." I mumbled into the dirt. I tried to get to my feet put I was pushed back against the water tank as two stone faces stared at me with evil grins.

"Oh great, an Athena Unknown." I muttered as its grin grew wider. Obviously it was pleased to be recognized. The Athena Unknown picked me up by my throat as my stone creature hurled my sword away.

Puny weak thing. You should have died long ago." the Athena Unknown hissed.

"Your father is pathetic and so are you! Now the line of Poseidon ends tonight!" My Unknown cackled.

I continued to struggle but my visions was going fuzzy. I tried to focus on the water, to make my plan work, but I was fading out.

"Put her down!" A strong voice shouted.


I fell the the floor as the Athena head rolled to my side and the other stone was knocked over and rolling down the hill. I struggled to get air in my lungs and then looked to see Troy standing over me.

"Troy!" I cried as I got to my feet. I stumbled but he caught me.

"I though you were dead." I said without thinking.

"You can't get rid of me that easily," he joked. "It's just a couple bumps and bruises, I'll live." he assured me.

Our small reunion was broken by a lightning bolt that separated us.

"Sorry!" called Adam.

I rolled my eyes and scanned the field, I couldn't see my Unknown anywhere.

"Troy we need to get all of these Unknowns into the ditch. I have a plan."

He ran down the hill to alert the others, as Brynna, Konnor, and Adam came to join me.

"You okay?" Konnor asked me.

"I'm fine,and I have an idea. We need to wipe out these things and we need water and all the Greek fire we can get."

"Uh, I'm no science major here, but fire will just extinguish, in the water." Adam stated.

"But the chemicals in it will destroy  the stone!" Brynna said ecstatically as she understood my idea.

"We need to rope all the Unknowns and get them into a ditch. Konnor help me poke holes into these water tanks, the spiles aren't going to do us any good.  Brynna we're going to need tubing and lots of Greek fire jars."

"What about me?" Adam demanded.

"Try not to get killed."

Brynna laughed as she ran to the arena and Adam fumed.

It took all of our remaining strength to lure the Unknowns into the ditches. The Roman Guard was in the ditch as the other campers all fought from the outside. Each camper was given a gar with the fire powder which was currently being dumped in the ditch. At least one hundred fire hose tubes were attached to the water tankards and were aimed at the ditch.

"Are we ready?!" I shouted at Brynna who was closest to the ditch.

"As ready as we'll ever be!" She shouted as she struggled to keep the Unknowns  from crawling out of the ditch.

"Konnor now!" I shouted.

Konnor released all the water pressure and the Roman Guards made their way out of the ditch.

"Fall back!" Nick ordered as the rest of the campers fled from the ditch.

The Unknowns were totally confused but then the explosions happened and they got the hint.

All the campers fell to the ground when the explosions started and crawled to a safe distance away.

"It's working!" Konnor shouted to me. The Unknowns were blowing up to smithereens.

Suddenly my Unknown broke free of the chaos and started to climb out of the ditch. Brynna was the closest to it, and she was out of arrows.

"BRYNNA!" I screamed. I raced down the hill forgetting I was totally unarmed too.

"Penelope NO!!!" Adam and Konnor shouted.

I charged at the smoking stone and forced it back into the ditch.

"This is ends now!" I screamed as the water from the lake and the water tanks rose from their places and fell in to the ditch like a massive water fall.

The Unknowns screamed in agony as they continued to explode, I tried to make a bubble to protect myself but I was so drained I collapsed next to the severed head of my Unknown.



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