Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


10. Old McDonald had a cow, and it breathes fire!!

After my horrific dream, and rushing to get ready, I finally made it  out the door and to the camp site. I saw Brynna and Konnor moving supplies around and Marci was taking account for everything. I dragged my black backpack to the site and added it to the pile. Marci handed me a brown bag that had breakfast bars and nectar also juice! Before long Chiron, Rachel, Uncle Tyson, and Aunt Ella were there to see us off. Chiron handed Brynna a rolled parchment and  we said our good byes and then we were on our way. I wasn't scared like I thought I would be, but we'd only left the barrier before my nerves began to kick in.  I didn't speak as Konnor and Brynna bickered about lots of random things.  Finn Marks, Delia Clarkson, what sword was better, whose idea was stupid whose was genius, how tall a sycamore tree was, just random stuff.

We were able to rent a car because Konnor and Brynna can drive (not legally) and quite frankly the idea of  being on a bus for fifteen hours for  three days isn't that appealing. We piled into the little truck and were on our way. Now I could tell you that we made it to Camp Jupiter without a single hitch and we were ready to take on the Unknowns and such, but then I would be lying to you. No see no sooner did we leave New York we  ran into our first road block, no sense of direction! As we spent hours going around in circles we finally we able to drive through Pennsylvania and then to the borders of Ohio. We ran into our second road block, a flat tire. Now we were pushed farther back on time, and Konnor was getting frustrated. I though it was best we turn in for the night, but he wouldn't here of it. So after an hour delay we were on our way...again. Now the next few days seemed like a blur. Konnor earned the name lead foot, while Brynna proved the laws of the road didn't apply to her. It still amazes me how we never got stopped by a cop.

Our first dangerous road block arrived when we stopped in Kansas for gas and food. There was a little farm with a restaurant attached in the middle of no where and we were running low and tempers were high and stomachs empty. Needless to say a trio of hungry demi-gods is no bueno. We stopped in front of the farm and walked up to the place. There was a little sign with peeling paint and poorly written letters. I think it read "Farmer C.......'s Fire Grill". Dyslexia is such a pain. We decided to continue up the walk way and get some food.  Coming up to the house a really bad odor engulfed us and it took everything in me not to blow chunks then and there.

"Ugh." Brynna gagged, "What in Hera's name is that smell."

"It reeks!" I said my eyes watering.

Konnor seemed totally unfazed by it and said simply. "Cows." 

Backstory, Konnor grew up on a farm before moving to the East Coast.

He led the way not letting the cow smell bother him. Brynna and I weren't so lucky. By the time we made it to the farm the smell wasn't so bad, until Brynna sprayed her weird perfume, that got Konnor down on his hands and knees. But Brynna seemed to be fine.

The place was empty and there were scorch marks everywhere the smell of something burning was inevitable. A little old lady resting on a weathered podium seemed to be the only person around. Konnor went up to her and asked for a table, she grunted then hit the bell on her podium. A way too smiley girl with big eyes and orange hair ran in.

"Hi! I'm Phoenix! Welcome to Fire Grill! Right this way!"

The girl talked way to fast for me but we were led to a rickety little table in the corner of the building shack thing. We placed our drink order and I had to use the facilities. Phoenix pointed to an small little out house next to the farm and oh joy the cows. I went to use it and soon not only did I regret it I think I nearly died. As I stepped out from the out house, I noticed little white pieces on the floor. My stomach dropped as the sickening crunch sound confirmed my guess. Bones. The little sprawled trail led right to the cows...what is a corral? A pen? Whatever.

I noticed the cows had burn marks and gauges. My natural instinct was to think the smelly animals were being abused then I heard the farm door open. I ducked behind the fence crouching really low. Bad idea, the cow next to me mooed and I swear fire came out of its mouth. I moved farther away from the fire cow and saw a giant figure pickup a random cow from the group. A story I was taught tried to make it way into my brain, but I got distracted by the figures movements.This is when I nearly died. I ran back to my friends whose meals had just arrived.

Konnor began eating his steak as my stomach did a back flip. Brynna was more cautious.

"Is the meat  suppose to have hair on it?" she asked skeptically as she poked at her meat.

"Why yes, its Farmer C's absolute specialty." Phoenix said.

When she was gone I smacked the steak from Konnor's mouth.

"What was that for?" he asked angrily.

"We need to leave now!" I said keeping my voice low.


I explained to him and Brynna the fire breathing cows and the cooks method of "grilling". Suddenly Konnor wasn't so hungry  anymore and pushed his plate away. I think this day is why Brynna decided to go vegan.

We stood and began to leave when Phoenix blocked our path.

"Where y'all goin?" she demanded.

Uh oh. She was not  a happy camper.

"Sorry, we gotta go, how much do we-" Konnor said fumbling around for his wallet.

"You ain't goin no where demi-god." she seethed.

Yep not a happy camper. I looked to see the old lady was now alert and began to feverishly ring her stupid bell. All to soon the cows were headed this way along with their herder.

"Giant!" Brynna yelled.

Now I remembered the story. equals, Cacus, a fire breathing giant who stole cows and fed off humans. He was suppose to have been killed by Hercules but um...not looking so dead now a days. As the giant got closer Phoenix literally turned into a Phoenix and sat atop her masters arm.

Cacus turned to us and smiled wickedly.

"Puny demi-gods you fall into my trap, too easy!" he roared. "My pets are hungry as am I it is time to eat!"

"Are you sure you wanna eat us?" Brynna asked sweetly.

Cacus looked at her confused.

"I mean, me I know I can look delicious, but I really am not. And these two smell like salt water and mud. Totally not appealing.

"Hey," Konnor said.

Brynna looked towards him and muttered "Shut up you dolt." or something along those lines.

"I see through your trick daughter of Aphrodite." Phoenix hissed at her.

Cacus nodded.

"Seize the foolish demi-gods!"

"RUN!" I yelled.

We bolted past and ran to the truck only one problem. A LOT OF FIRE COWS! They were everywhere! I pulled out my sword as did Konnor. I slashed one in half and it materialized instantly.

"C'mon!" screamed slashing through the army of cows, I think I got burned a good number of times because suddenly I was extremely tired and arms were drooping. I felt dry like the field we were standing on. Then I remember water, then I also remembered the only water around was the out house water. As gross as that is I summoned the water and lemme tell you that was some powerful stuff. Cacus and Phoenix turned in time to see the stupid wooden toilet explode and a water geyser shoot out of the ground wiping out all the evil cows. Cacus looked at me straight in the eye.

"The child posses the traits of Poseidon." he growled.

"Seize her!" he roared as Phoenix swooped down towards me.

She didn't make it because no sooner did she open her beak, Brynna let her celestial arrow fly. It struck the evil bird and it disintegrated.

"NO!" Cacus roared.

He rushed at me, his face was glowing red and I knew what was coming next, but I couldn't move I was drained. I feel to my knees and knew instantly this was not a way to die.  I tried to stand but my legs felt like jell-o and the fire giant was zeroing in on me.  I did the inevitable and I placed my hand in the water and used all my energy to create a water ball around the giant. It worked and Cacus was extinguished. Then I blacked out.

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