Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


5. Now I can say excersise tried to kill me

Brynna became my new friend shortly after our first meeting. After dragging me to this giant blue house in the middle of the camp and introducing me to Mr. D  a really old guy that has a fixation with cola, and getting a lecture from Chrion (who just so happens to be a centaur, I'm sorry last time we spoke he was in a wheel chair.)about staying in the camp and training mentally and physically also emotionally, then I was sent to  learn everything I need to know about my godly heritage.

My parents were also Demi-gods. My dad is the son of Poseidon the god of the Sea and my mom is daughter of Athena the wise goddess. Being a child of Poseidon was apparently really rare and a grandchild is exceptionally rare. Brynna's (12) parents are Jason and Piper Grace. Her dad is actually a child of the Roman form of the god Zeus, (Jupiter) they are god of the sky and king of gods. Her mom is the daughter of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She has bright blue eyes and runways messy black hair. She looks like she can kick-butt without breaking a nail.

She grew up knowing her heritage and informed me on everything there was to know about being a demi-god. I tried to keep up but I'm just retelling my history lessons in a nut-shell. 1. No cellphones- the stupid little devices are like beacons that attract monsters every where for miles. 2. Celestial bronze is essential to kill monsters. 3. Ambrosia and nectar are a demi-gods sacred vice. Its suppose to heal and restore like magic, its amazing! 4. There are two parts to a god, Roman and Greek, and this only is a godly thing their children can't receive the two halves(Awesome cause one version of Athena is enough imagine two? Ugh gives me chills just thinkin about it.) 5. Do not anger the gods, if you want to stay alive it is essential you be respectful. Apparently my dad is the trouble maker on Mt. Olympus. 6. Mt. Olympus is home to the gods and its conveniently located above the empire state building. 7. Fighting is a mental not physical skill. 8. Certain monster are good, certain ones are bad, be alert. 8. Tarturus is where monsters, Titans, and other mean nasty things go when they're materialized, my mom and dad are the only none children of Hades, ever to enter and survive. 9. Quests move you up in your house rank, I don't share with anyone so yay me. and numero 10. Camp Half-blood is safe for people like Brynna, Tyson, and now me.

After introducing me to Grover, the satyr, and my dad's best friend. (Him I'd met previously but briefly). And getting a crash course on the nature and animals of the world, Brynna took me to the arena to see what my weapon was. Okay if I'm not allowed to play in the arena at my house who knows what's gonna happen here.

Mrs. O'Leary was chewing on a tackle dummy when we entered and didn't seem to mind we were hanging around. Brynna showed me the weaponry and explained if there was something in particular I preferred the Hephaestus kids could build for me. I nodded and looked at the array of weapons. There were swords, daggers, knives, spears, arrows, and hammers, and these weird cuffs that grew long talons. I never really tested a weapon before so this would be entertaining. What I learned was archery was not my thing, which Brynna agreed quickly because I'm a lousy shot and arrow barely missed her. I can't throw knives, and hammers aren't my friends. Finally we moved on to daggers and swords, the daggers I could handle but my arms were to long and couldn't act quick enough. And a sword was almost perfect but when it came to moving the sword was heavy and uneven.

Brynna decided I should get my own sword made, but I was getting tired of having to do anything with weapons. Next she moves me to the tumbling mats to practice. She gave me a t-shirt and shorts to change into, and when I returned Brynna was no longer smiley but all serious and commando. Geez did that girl know how to fight. I'd never felt so out of shape and I swim miles every day. Brynna told me that I since water was my element it wasn't really working out because I could move so swiftly threw the water. This kind shattered my self esteem but Brynna cheered me up by telling my that no one else could control water or swim like I could. I felt better after that but then we began training and I was back to a shattered self confidence.

She tackled, threw, and flipped me so many times I lost count. I think I bruised my spleen after that and she still wasn't done. She had me run through a series of obstacle courses that had either fire or spikes climbing robes, or things jumping out at me. Needless to say it was not fun. I was about to give up when she decided to give me a break. I fell flat on my back exhausted, this was no joke and my heart was beating so fast it hurt. Brynna had gone to get us lunch, so I stayed with Mrs. O'Leary who was snoozing in the corner. I sat beside her and leaned against her black fur. Honestly if a monster didn't kill me at that very moment I'm sure another workout would. Suddenly, I heard the door open and footsteps approaching. I expected it to be Brynna but it wasn't.

He was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. He had soft blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, not electric like Brynna, but calm like a lake. He was tall and gangly built, and he had one dimple on his left cheek. He looked far older than twelve, but a girl can dream right? I guess he saw me noticing him and he walked towards me. Snapping out of my trance I hid behind Mrs. O'Leary's leg. She opened her eyes and lifted her head and stared at he boy. He rubbed her massive head and she laid her head back down. So much for a guard dog.

"Whatcha doin there short stuff?" He asked. His voice very southern odd for a New Yorker like me. I just stared at his muscular legs and tried to make my self smaller.

"Nothing." I mumbled.

"You wanna come out from there? I need a spotter." he said offering me his hand.

"A what?"

"Someone to watch me and help me with my workout."

"Oh okay. Sure." I said but still didn't move from my spot.

I guess he could tell I was shy and he crouched down and rested on his heels in a catcher's position.

"My name is Konnor, Konnor Stole. What's yours?"

"My name is Penelope, Penelope Jackson."

"Ahh, another Jackson, cool, nice to meet you." He extended and hand  to me again, and I this time shook it.

I crawled out from behind Mrs. O' Leary's leg,  like the small child I was, and Konnor led me over to the mats. I watched him do push ups sit ups and lunges, and he used me for dead weight lifting. After his work out, Brynna had finally returned with lunch.

"Sorry I took so long got distracted." she said breathing heavily.

"Ahh distraction." Konnor slurred.

"Shut up Stole." Brynna seethed. She looked to me and said, "You can go eat, we'll be training more afterwards."

I nodded and took the brown bad from her. It had a a sandwich chips and blue cookies, and a large  water bottle. I sat by Mrs O'Leary giving her my crusts, as Konnor teased Brynna about her "distraction" that was actually her crush. I liked these people they reminded me of my family, I missed them a lot but I know we'll be together soon. For now I'm focused on working hard and keeping busy. After training for another hour Konnor and Brynna and I went to dinner together then played capture the flag. We won! With Konnor's mischief and stealth and Brynna's planning. It was amazing! Finally it was bed time, Brynna  and I were  going to get my sword made and then more lessons, and I couldn't wait. Except maybe the butt-kicking that can wait, right now I'm sore.

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