Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


9. Nightmare

I wasn't one to ever have bad dreams, that was more Athena's thing. But this was the first of many more to come I would soon learn.

I was running and running through a field, I couldn't find anyone or anything. Then a voice from the ground called to me.

"I see you Penelope Jackson, your father escaped me once, but I assure you. You will be my prize. You will not escape my wrath!"

"Leave me alone!" I shouted.

Suddenly the ground was turning and a huge wave of earth was hurtling towards me. The voice sounded angry and sad as she threatened my life. I wondered if this was the Unknown's creator's way of letting me know she would do anything to stop me. Then there was a cracking sound and zombie like hands reached out for me! I tried to run but the stupid hands grabbed hold of me. A creature managed to pull its self out and to my amazement it wasn't a zombie. It was me. Well a evil version of me! It-I-she, had red eyes, and fangs, she spat acid and her finger nails were talons. Then creatures resembling my family and friends appeared. I croaked when I saw my dad, his sea green eyes now red and his skin was gray and cracked.

"You see, all is for not. Stop fighting me and join me!" the evil me said.

"NEVER!" I shouted.

"Penelope." the creature looking like my dad said. "Join us, don't you want to be with us?"

I almost gave in, except for one thing. My dad never called me Penelope. I shook of the arms holding my legs and pushed by the evil creatures. I ran faster only to soon find I was running on water. The earth was no longer following me, when I turned to the front I'd smacked into the side of a hill.  I fell into a pool of water and came up gasping for air. This water was painful it didn't feel right. I turned to see a woman with a Greek white dress come towards me, her huge almond eyes were red and puffy, like she'd been crying.

"Who are you? Percy's spawn? I will not stand for this! I will have my revenge!!!"

Suddenly everything was dark.

I turned to see the woman but she was gone. My head was spinning with voices, calling to me, threatening me. I managed to think when I heard a blaring sound that hurt me ears.

"Penelope? Penelope?! PENELOPE!"

"WHAT?!" I shouted angrily.



I woke up drenched with sweat. Gross. The blaring was coming from Brynna who some how had attained a mega-phone.  I felt tears threatening, and I wiped them away. I quickly hopped out of bed and changed. I didn't want to dream again after that.

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