Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


11. Lamia's on the plane...oh joy.

The next thing I remember when I woke up was being on a plane. I didn't know how or why we were on a plane but immediately I began to panic. Heights and flying were not my favorite things in the world, and I wanted out NOW! After our run in with the  Fire Farmer Konnor decided it would be safer for us to travel another way. Flying. Umm no. I'd never been on a plane my dad never liked to fly so we never did. Zeus was the god of the sky, a little water demi-god had no business being in the air. Brynna bought the tickets and as we waited for our plane to take us from Kansas to California I got a little home sick. My family was supposed to be helping in San Fran. I missed my old life, sure it had its ups and downs but  it had been perfect, before I was ever mixed with this crazy stuff. As we boarded the plane I got an uneasy feeling, something wasn't right as we took our seats the stewardess asked if we were comfortable. I sure wasn't. I was gripping the arm rests so tight, my knuckles turned white. Konnor waved her off and whispered to me,

"Relax will you, you're drawing attention to yourself."

"Sorry ." I muttered back.

I looked outside and really wished I hadn't the sky was darkening and I thought I saw lightening in the distance. I really was praying for it not to thunder, thunder was not my friend. Apparently neither was Zeus. CLAP! I heard the thunder and my face turned white like my hands. I was about ready to pass out when a male voice was heard over the intercom.

"Attention passengers, due to the recent events with the weather the flight has been delayed until further notice so sorry for the inconvenience."

"Thank the Gods!" I whispred.

A stewardess was motioning for peopled to get off the plane row by row. it was a big plane, and because we had booked the flight last minute we were in the back of the plane. Brynna had fallen asleep as soon as she sat down, and no matter how hard I shook her I couldn't wake her. Konnor went to the restroom in the back of the plane as I tried to get Brynna to sit up. I gave up trying to wake her and let Brynna sleep and waited to be called. Finally after fifteen minutes the stewardess came to us and there was something off about her. Her skin was pretty much white for some one who traveled to California and Kansas regularly. I shook it off and stood trying to get passed Brynna.

"Please do not get up until your turn." she hissed.

"But there's no one else here" I said. "we are the only people left."

"Do not argue with me mortal." she hissed.

I noticed her little name tag said Karen.

"I'm sorry Karen, but I really need to get off this plane."

"Silence! You will make an excellent pawn!"

"Konnor!" I shouted.

"Little busy!" he called from the bathroom.

I rolled my eyes and pulled Brynna to the floor. That woke her.
"Hey!" she grumbled.

"Monster!" I yelled at her.

She turned to see Karen materializing into her monster form.

"Under the seats quick!"

I nodded and we pushed through a sea of barf bags(gross) lost toys and half empty water bottles, and gum(disgusting). I think at one point I actually got some gum in my hair as well as a dusty pacifier. Brynna pulled me out from under and into the aisle. Karen had finished changing, and the outcome was not any better. She had razor sharp teeth and her face was all distorted. I think she may have been pretty once but now she looked liked she'd ran face first into a brick wall.  Karen also had a kind of snakes tail and her white skin was tinged with gray and cracked.

"What the heck is that?" screamed Brynna.

"I dunno but maybe-"

"Hey what's going on out there?!" Konnor shouted.

"Get out here and help us!" Brynna shouted back.

"The doors jammed! Open it!"

"Monster!" I screamed.


Konnor kept banging on the door as Brynna dove across the aisle to open her handbag and pull out her bow and arrows. I ducked back under the seat and uncapped my pen and my sword shot out piercing the seat above me. I tried to pull it out and but it was stuck. Karen was knocking everything over and roaring. Something told me she wasn't too bright, but I had to find a way to destroy her.



"What monster has white skin and a tail and razor sharp teeth!" I shouted as Karen started to lunge at us. I managed to pull my sword out and roll under the seats.

"Can you give me anything else? That doesn't narrow it down at all." he called still banging on the door.

Brynna groaned as she drew her first arrow. I noticed then Karen wasn't alone, another monster had appeared from the very front of the plane licking her lips.

"Demi-gods! You will be delicious!" her friend hissed.

"Konnor she has snakes fro tails!" Brynna shouted, "Is that enough!"


I grimaced as the monster jumped onto the seat I was under and stared me face to face. I noticed the creature had all sorts of ancient child's toys on her belt and some pacifiers stuck to her tail.

"Konnor! They eat kids!" I shouted to him. Suddenly the monsters roared and their fangs grew bigger.

"Does it look like a vampire?"

"YES!" we shouted together

"Its a Lamia!"

I think Karen smiled as someone finally recognized her. Her friend was running towards us to take part in her next meal.

"Oh!" Brynna said as she fired arrows at the monster.

"Her story is that Hera cursed her because she was a mistress of Zeus, and had children, Hera cursed her to devour children!" Konnor called.

"Silence! No more talk! I grow ravenous at the second!" the other monster, Jill, said.

"That's enough talk out of you!" I sliced her incredibly long tongue off and it rolled across the floor.

I think Brynna would have hurled right there and then if it hadn't screeched bloody murder. I looked closely at Karen,  a torn uniform clothed her enough but you could tell she had snakes skin and a small snake around her left arm. She never a fish.

"You are a daughter of Poseidon aren't you?" I said to her.

"Yes insignificant Demi-god," she hissed. "I proclaim the prophecy and you will not survive!"

"Shut up!" I yelled.

Jill growled and began climbing over seats to get to me, I ran further down the aisles. I guess Karen wanted to eat me because I turned around to she Karen running after me.

She lunged at me.

"Penelope!" I heard Brynna shout. But she was too busy firing arrows at Jill.

I fell to the ground as the Lamia tackled me and had her point teeth just inched from my neck. My sword had fallen to my side and I tried to reach for it, but the stupid snake on her arm bit me.

"Oh you will surely die now." she hissed with glee. "My pet here has bitten you with poisonous venom, now you will die a most slow and painful death."

My arm was on fire and I started to gasp for air. I heard Karen laugh in my face. I grabbed the blade of my sword and drove it through her chest. She screeched and hissed as I pushed her off of me. I pulled my sword from her chest and raised it.

"Enough talk, I grow annoyed of you by the second." I said as  I sliced her head off.

I felt her gross blood splatter across  my face as I feel to my knees. My vision started to blur and I saw my arm was swelling and green. I dropped as Brynna and Konnor ran towards me. I blacked out for a second time.

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