Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


15. Jillian

For once I didn't mess with my sisterabout her looks. She had lots of scratches on her face and lots of bandages on her body.After visiting with her and putting stickers on her bright pink cast, I wandered over to my brother's hospital bed. He had gashes in his face and the left side of his body was bruised and encased in plaster.

"Hey Pen," he said softly.

"Hi Fred, how are you feeling?"

"Been better, heard you had some journey, have to tell me about it some time."

"Later, you need rest."

Fred chuckled," Rest, that's all I do now. You know your the first one to be assigned a quest, let alone by Poseidon himself?"

"Trust me its not all what its cracked up to be. Why did no one ever tell me I was a demigod?"

"Mom, made us swear never to tell. She thought that if you were kept in the dark, the dark wouldn't find you."

"What a cheesy analogy."

"Hey cut me some slack, I'm not as smooth as I used to be."

"Okay wise one," I teased.

"Plus, dad knew you were gonna find out, the fountain in the bathroom? I remember he was laughing was Athena stormed down stairs soaked head to toe. He looked at mom and said "A chip off the old block." I guess you know what happened to them huh?" he said grimly.

"Yeah. Fred what am I gonna do? I can't fight the Unknowns, I know for sure I can't fight a goddess! I let dad down."

"You did no such thing. Dad would be amazed you came this far. No matter what he's always gonna love you. You got what it takes Pen, where demigods, we got more courage and substance than those Unknowns got in a pinky finger."

I smiled as I slid off his bed.

"You forgot one thing."


"We're Jackson's we can do anything."

"I didn't forget."

"Uh huh sure you didn't. Get some sleep Wise One."

"You too Fishface, goodnight Pen."

"Goodnight Fred.

The next morning I met Reyna in the fields of Mars as she watched a group of teenagers try to decapitate some practice dummies that for some reason kept moving away with each jab.

"Did you ever have children?" I asked her randomly.

"Yes, one. My son Troy. He resides with his father in New Rome. He's around your age and is a valiant warrior. I have done everything I can to assure he will be a future Praetor."

"Is that what he wants?"

"It is his fate, no one can change their fate. Not even you." she said. She wasn't as friendly as she had been yesterday, It's like she never stopped working.

I rolled my eyes but followed her farther down the fields.

"Penelope, I believe it is time we have told you about the prophecy concerning you."

Taking a seat Reyna placed a battered and torn parchment in-front of me and began to tell the prophecy.

"A curse was cast long ago on your mother was broken in Tarturus nearly twenty years ago. The curse of your name sake has kept her in exile for thousands of years, her successor has escaped captivity and seeks revenge for her mother's broken heart. Because of the wrath the Unknowns walk among us feeding on the hate and depression mortals give off.  Because Gae is not awake, the calling of the gods for assistance would prove destructive for us all. "

"So a goddess has blamed my dad for what he did to her mom, and now she's framing him that he's the reason why the Unknowns are here. If the gods find out they'll be angry at their children, and grandchildren. But I still don't understand, who is behind all this?"

Reyna pause then said. "Calypso, your name-sake, gave birth to a daughter she called Jillian. If you heard the story of her then you recall, no suitors stay with Calypso on her island, and they can never return once they leave. As fate would have it, a friend of ours managed to return to her and lived with her for several years. However, this friend had sworn on the River Styx, that he would free Calypso of her prison. By now you can guess this friend broke his promise and was banished to Tarturus, until his promise if for-filled and Calypso can leave her island.

"So Jillian is a basically a full goddess, and only gods can destroy gods. To get the gods to side with us would be impossible since they don't even want to deal with us! How are we going to get them to help us  stop Jillian, save my parents, possibly half the world's population if the gods are on lock down for all eternity? We are running out of time, I'm running out of time. It's July that means Fall is on it's way in three months! How are we going to do this?"

"There is a way to get the gods to help."

"Please explain!" I said sarcastically.

"The scrolls of the gods contain the six pieces of history most frightening to the all the gods. Their creation story. Long ago the scroll was written by Apollo of both Greek and Roman and broken into six parts. Given to the eldest sons, and their equivalents, the pieces were hidden in various parts of the world. By bringing the scroll together it will remind the gods, they too were weak once. Gods are proud and refuse to admit they make mistakes, and get caught in tight places."

"If I find the scrolls pieces and take it to the gods, with they help defeat Jillian?"

"Quite possibly."

I groaned then brought up the subject of the Unknowns.

"You guys can't fight them because they are us, but what if we fought ourselves? Greek and Roman together defeating our opposites."

For once Reyna smiled.

"If anyone else would have told that to me, I would've said your insane. But you are a Jackson, know for your hair-brained ideas."

"Umm, thanks?"

"But how do you propose we get all the Greeks together in less than twenty-four hours to prepare for battle here in New Rome ?"

"I have a question first."


"Can you pass things from Iris messages?"

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