Penelope Jackson: Daughter of the Sea -The Beginning

Penelope Jackson knew she was different even before her parents dropped her off at some camp for the summer. But she never expected to be a second generation of demi-god. Now an evil is coming, something Penelope never thought could be possible. With her new friends Penelope must restore her father's reputation, by defeating the Unknown.


13. Camp Jupiter

So when we last spoke we landed in California and I looked grim. Although I was feeling better Konnor still had to carry me for a majority of the travel. He and Brynna didn't want me to over do it when I had an important task ahead of me.  Upon arrival of the camp I noticed there were strange people in Cali, as a New Yorker I was used to some pretty weird stuff, as a demi-god even weirder stuff. But there was something about California that made my skin crawl. I think it might've been all those beach-bums eying us like we were a walking zoo. I felt a little better when we finally entered the camp. Brynna had grown up there and knew the location and we were there in a matter of days. Unlike Camp Half-blood, Camp Jupiter had a sewer looking tunnel to travel through, instead of an enchanted barrier. There were two people standing at the end of the tunnel, dressed in Roman armor and carried spears and shields.

"Halt!" the one on the left shouted.

"Who goes there?" said the one on the right.

"Relax," Brynna called. "It's me Brynna Grace, I've brought some friends."

"Oh. Hi Brynna!" the one on the left called.

The soldier removed their mask revealing a little girl about my age, with blonde braids and a dimpled smile.

"Shush Julia!"  the other called.

"Oh chill out Gus." Brynna chided the other soldier.

"Its Augustus, and my father will hear of this! You know you aren't allowed to bring in trespassers!" he said eying Konnor and me.

"I'm sorry whose father, is Praetor here?" Brynna said using her most ferocious eyes.

"Ex-Praetor! That is not the point! We have laws from the ancient times, and they must be followed!"

"Dude, get with the modern age already." I mumbled.

"Silence you infiltrator. Brynna I will not stand to have New Rome disrespected with treason!"

"Shut up!" Brynna shouted as she pulled Konnor and I alongside her, past Gus.

He kept shouting something about treason and his father and blah blah blah. Man did this guy have  issues. Once we were out of the tunnel I got my first glimpse of Camp Jupiter, and I was beyond impressed. According to Brynna, this is a camp designated to protect and train the children of Rome and their descendants. According to Brynna's father, Roman demi-gods are much like their gods in that they all are disciplined  formal and war-like. Camp Jupiter has a complex society structure, consisting of Praetors, Cohorts, Centurions, Senators, and Probatio. The praetors are the two elected leaders of Camp Jupiter. There can only be a maximum of two at all times, although that rule has been broken at least twice in the last decade. Like the cabins in Camp Half-Blood, cohorts are where the campers are divided and placed in. There are five cohorts. (Each cohort has 4 barracks of 10 bunks  imagingsharing with that many people). The first and second cohort are the most esteemed while the fifth is considered to be the least honored. Campers traditionally receive their place in the cohorts through family reference letters but also can be given acceptance by a centurion's personal recommendation.  To me this seemed like a lot of work and more like an army base than a camp. To everyone else here this seemed like the best place in the world.

Brynna gave us a tour of the place and that's when my conclusions were confirmed this was indeed and army base. The Field of Mars (or Ares if your Greek) is where the campers have their war games, marching drills, and the occasional monster hunting. New Rome is where retired Roman legionnaires can live, go to college, get married, and start a life. That place I liked the best. Temple hill is where all the temples of the Roman gods were. The main temples were dedicated to Jupiter Optimus Maximus Mars Ultor and Bellona, but there was once dedicated to the Roman side of my grandfather, Neptune and also Janus.

When we finished Brynna brought us to the First cohort and disappeared inside leaving Konnor and I to fend for ourselves. I noticed all the campers here were pretty young and fit. A couple of ten year-olds walked by us carrying huge bags of sand to the battle fields.

"Hey guys come on, my dad's at his house in New Rome!" Brynna called.

We turned to see her and a sturdy looking boy follow behind her. He had brown eyes and neatly combed blonde hair and wore a white bed sheet over his purple t-shirt. He reminded me of a cleaner version on Konnor.

"Oh this is my brother Adam, Adam these are my friends Konnor Stole and Penelope Jackson."

"The Jackson? Daughter of Percy Jackson?" Adam asked his eyes widened with horror.

"Yes?" I said weakly.

Adam turned to Brynna whispered quickly in her ear and dashed off towards New Rome.  I turned to Brynna whose face turned a ghostly white.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Penelope you need to see my dad, like right now!"

She pulled me by the arm and we raced to New Rome, Konnor running behind us trying to catch up.


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