My entry for the Triwizard Tournament! :)


1. Magic

Thousands of years ago, a little boy was born to an average family of the era. He was completely average as well... until he reached the age of 4. He began to realize he was able to do things that none of his friends could even attempt. He was able to move things without touching them. He was able to see things others couldn't. More interestingly, he was able to understand the talk of snakes.

Years passed with him being his extraordinary self and no one noticing, or rather, no one paying him much attention and him trying his best to hide his powers. He married a lovely woman who didn't suspect anything of him. Soon, he had a little girl. As his daughter grew up, he realized she was just like him. Magical. Like wise, generation after generation, more little girls and boys were born, all connected in an odd way. They all possessed an extra capability of magical powers. They were all different than ordinary humans.

Figuring out this special ability of hers, an old woman had a plan. She brought together all those who were like her and arranged a group. A group, later known as the World Wide School or Witchcraft and Wizardry, to educate other magic possessing people to control their powers. This school soon advanced with the discovery of wands and other magical items and creatures. Witches and wizards became widely populated and the Wizarding world became a more civilized community. Nowadays, magic is a common term people come across on their daily basis. 

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