Hermione struggles to keep the secrets under the skin of her son away from the rest of her family. As everything she tries to hide unravels she is haunted by what once was and what has come to be.

Just one question. Who is daddy?


12. Seal the Deal

AN: just a warning in advance, this chapter gets sexual. If you are uncomfortable with this I would advise skipping a majority of the chapter and just read the end. By not reading this chapter you will not miss out on much of the storyline. 

With love Always, DahliasQuill


"These damn heals better do their damn job!" Hermione grunted as she forced her feet into a pair of red pumps. 

"Someone's grumpy." Ginny chuckled from the doorway. "Tonight's the night huh?"

"I have no idea what your talking about Gin." Hermione said turning around to examine her tush in the mirror. 

"They're doing their job Hermet. You arse looks great." Ginny laughed at her friend. "Tonight's the big date." 

"Well, it's not exactly a big date. It's just dinner." 

"You're kidding right. Anybody can tell its a big date just by looking at you. All your clothes are new. Those red heals scream sexy. They're nice by the way; I might steal them. Your dress is nearly painted on. Your breasts are just... Perky and exciting and—"

"Ginny you're getting off topic." Hermione warned. "I'm just glad my belly is still flat."

"What do you mean?" Ginny looked confused. 

"Nothing!" Hermione deterred the question and quickly changed the subject, "Gin, can you fix this mess of my hair?"

"Of course!"

"Nothing too crazy. Promise?" 

Ginny made an X motion over her chest with a twinkle in her eye. 

Ginny pulled her wand out and magicked Hermione's hair straight, making sure it framed her face nicely. 

"Simple yet elegant? Good job Gin. Thanks."

Hermione got up to leave but she was stopped by Ron who filled the doorway to Ginny's small room. 

"Wow." Ron was dumbstruck as he looked Hermione up and down, "You. Look. Amazing!"

"Thank you Ron," Hermione smiled self consciously. 

"Are you really going on this date?" Ron asked, obviously hurt.

"Why wouldn't I?" Hermione asked.

"Because we're together?" Ron looked timid.

"We're what?!" Hermione nearly dropped her handbag. 

"You kissed me?"

"In the heat of battle! I thought we were going to die. I'm sorry it was a mistake. If I could take it back I would because you lost me long before then. Now in the meantime, get out of my way. Charlie should be waiting for me downstairs." Hermione put her hand on Ron's chest and lightly pushed him back. 

Hermione made her way downstairs and was greated by a very handsomely dressed Charlie Weasley. 

"Wow." Charlie looked Hermione up and down, "This is a new side of Hermione Granger."

"Is it bad? I can go change." Hermione took a step back but Charlie grabbed her and and gently brushed his lips against her knuckle. 

"You look amazing." Hermione blushed deeply at his words. 

"Shall we go?" Charlie asked. 

Unable to speak, Hermione nodded. 

Charlie grasped her hand tightly and appearated into an alley. He led Hermione out of the alley and into the London street without letting go if her hand. 

"Where are we going?" Hermione asked curiously. 

"Clos Maggiore. It's a muggle restaurant just a couple blocks from here. I figured a walk would be nice." 

Hermione squeezed his hand and smiled. 

I hate hurting people but I have to do this. Charlie is a womanizer and I can't tarnish Fred's name with this baby. It has to be this way. Hermione thought to herself. 

"So tell me about your parents?" Charlie asked. 

"Well, they're both dentists."

"That must be why you have such a beautiful smile." Charlie laughed. 

"Yea, it took some serious metalwork. I had braces until I tricked Madame Pomfrey into fixing my teeth completely."

"What are braces?"

"Oh sorry, they are these metal wires muggles wear in their mouth to straighten their teeth. I assumed you knew more about muggle gadgets considering you are a Weasley. "

Charlie laughed, "No, Mum was a lot stricter when I was young. Dad had a lot less gadgets therefore a lot less knowledge of gadgets. My specialty is dragons." 

"Ahh, right." Hermione nodded. 

"Maybe if you're lucky I'll show you some scars," Charlie bantered. 

"Well then I better be on my best behavior." Hermione joked back. 

"I wouldn't be so sure of that." Charlie winked. "We're here." 

Charlie ushered Hermione through the door into a beautiful dining hall with hedge walls and live flowers lining the ceiling.

"Reservation for two. Weasley." Charlie informed the host. 

"Right this way Sir, Miss." 

Charlie and Hermione followed him through the dining hall and up a quaint sent of stairs. He opened a small door at the end of the stairs and led them into a quiet room with a burning fireplace. They were alone in the room and sat at a table near the fire. The flames reflected orange on Hermione's ivory dress. 

"Can I start you off with some wine or champagne?" The host asked. 

Charlie looked to Hermione to decide. "I'll actually just have cucumber water." 

"I'll have the same." 

The waiter left the room and Charlie turned back to Hermione. "Do you not drink?" 

"Not currently." Hermione replied, nervous of the topic.

"Why? Are you pregnant?" Charlie joked. 

He thankfully didn't notice Hermione tense up. "No." She had to think of something quick. "I like to keep a clear mind while in training." 

"Makes sense. I can't drink while in Romania. The dragons can feel it in my system." Charlie bought her lie. "So tell me about your training."

"We'll I just passed the magical medicine apptitude exam." 

"Isn't that usually taken after three years of schooling?" Charlie asked, intrigued. 

"Usually. I did a bit of at home studying instead."

"Hermione, the war ended less than six weeks ago. How did you do three years of studying in five weeks?"

"I'm very studious. Always have been. Besides, I've been interested in magical medicine while still in Hogwarts and got a bit of a head start."

"You truly are a remarkable witch." Charlie complimented, clearly impressed. 

"Thank you. I am due to start in the muggle injury department at St. Mungos next month." Hermione explained seeing Charlie's confused expression, "You know, bumped heads, broken bones, infected cuts. I will work my way up as I progress and master each department."

"Which department do you hope to end up in?"

"Injury by Dark Magic."

"That suits you. You are so smart and caring."

"Are you ready to order?" The waiter asked.

"Ladies first." Charlie gestured toward me. 

"I'll have the Loire Valley Rabbit." Hermione ordered. 

"Good choice. I'll have the duck. Thank you." Charlie ordered and the waiter took their menus and left. 

"Tell me about your dragons Charlie." Hermione smiled. 

The couple chatted and ate for the next hour, thoroughly enjoying each others company. Hermione really turned on her charm and it seemed to be working on Charlie. 

"Hermione, would you care to join me at my flat for some coffee?" Charlie asked after finishing his tirimisu. 

"You have a flat in London?" Hermione asked confused. 

"Not exactly." Charlie said, a mischievous gleam in his eye.

"Then where is it exactly?" 


This is your chance Hermione! 

"I will go with you on one condition." Hermione negotiated. 

"And what is your one condition Miss Granger?" Charlie asked, leaning closer.

"Show me a dragon?"

"Well of course! What kind of host would I be if I didn't introduce you to a dragon?"

"Then it's settled, lets go get some coffee." Charlie placed £100 on the table and escorted Hermione out of the restaurant and back to the alley, from which they appearated into the Leaky Cauldron. 

"Tom, can we borrow your fireplace?" Charlie asked, placing a galleon on the dirty counter. 

Tom led them to the fireplace and directed them the powder on the mantel. 

"Hermione, I'll have you go first. The address is Keeper's Cave." 

Hermione took a handful of floo powder and stepped into the soot wrought fireplace. Green flames engulfed her and she stumbled into Charlie's dark kitchen. She waved her wand and lit a nearby candle. 

Charlie walked out behind her before she had a chance to look around. Charlie walked over to Hermione and placed his hand on her hip. Hermione did not turn around. She could feel Charlie's breath on her neck and soon his lips, burning like fire against her skin. Hermione wanted to pull away but willed herself not to. Instead she turned around and attacked his lips with full force. Charlie's rough hands found Hermione's face, ferociously deepening the kiss. His hands worked their way down her back, stopping only to undo her zipper. They continued down her back and paused to roam her bum. 

Hermione untangled her hands from Charlie's fiery hair. She sloppily unbuttoned his shirt and ripped it off his shoulders. Charlie's hands found the hem of Hermione's dress and pulled it up over her head. She stood glowing naked in Charlie's kitchen, their bodies burning like fire in the darkness. Hermione undid Charlie's pants and pushed them over his buttox and onto the floor. She kissed his chest while she let his callused hands explore her body. He forced her around and pressed her breasts against the cold countertop, sealing the deal along the way. She moaned, fire burning where their bodies connected. Charlie held on tightly to her waist while he roughly guided their bodies in pleasureful sin. He groaned behind her and pushed her harder into the counter, its edges digging into her hips. His pace quickened, earning deep moans from both parties. 

Hermione had never experienced something so agressive. It was so different from making love to Fred. No. This wasn't making love. This was sex. This was aggressive, sweaty, erotic sex. The extreme difference (and pleasure) melted some of Hermione's guilt away. 

Hermione could feel Charlie's release as he slowed and deepened the motions. "'Mione?" He grunted her name, "the floor is cold." He pulled Hermione of the counter and turned her to face him. Hermione slipped out of her shoes thanking them in her mind. His lips caressed her bossom as he placed his hands under her rump and lifted her up, reconnecting their bodies. She wrapped her legs around his waist squeezing them so their bodies pressed tight against each other. His tongue trailed up her neck and behind her ear, biting the lobe. Charlie leaned against the stone wall an slid down, skinning Hermione's knees. The tile was cold against Hermione's shins.

Charlie entwined his fingers in her her hair. He pulled her head back and nuzzled his face between her breasts. His mouth explored her swelling chest nipping and sucking here and there and she danced on his lap. Her abdomen tightened with each motion of her hips. Charlie pushed his hips up against the inside of her legs. He reached down to her calves and gripped them tightly. He pulled her legs up, her knees in his armpits. His arms coiled around her back as he rolled them over. 

Once over Hermione he held onto her knees and pushed them into her armpits. Hermione purred with lust. Her skin burned against the cold tile. Charlie really did know what he was doing. Maybe this plan isn't such a bad one. I'm okay with marrying him just for sex. Hermione thought to herself. 

"We didn't make it very far." Charlie said, his voice deep and husky. He lay on the floor next to her, glistening. "Now that you've seen my kitchen, would you like a tour of the bedroom?" 

"Mind if I shower first?" Hermione winked.

Charlie's smile widened. "Mind if I join you?"

"Duh!" Charlie leapt off the floor and picked Hermione up in a cupids cradle. He carried her into his bedroom leaving their clothes in the kitchen. He tossed her playfully on the bed and kissed her deeply. 

"Go jump in the shower and I'll join you in a minute. I hope you have the week off cause you're not leaving for a while." 

"You holding me hostage Charlie Weasley?" Hermione mused. 

"That I am! Now you hurry along." Charlie gave Hermione a firm tap on her naked bum and she headed to the washroom. 

Charlie leaned over his bureau and scribble two quick notes and handed them to his owl. "Deliver these both to the Burrow." He let the owl out and went to join Hermione in the shower, where the events of the night continued with the previous trend.


The next morning at the Burrow: 

Ron had been pushing his eggs around his plate for the past ten minutes while he bucked up the courage to ask the question that had been plaguing him since midnight. "Where's Hermione?" He asked with what he thought was a nonchalant tone. 

"Dunno. Didn't come in last night." Answered Ginny, her mouth full of potatoes. "She went on a date with Charlie. What do you expe—"

Ginny was interrupted by a sharp tap on the window. Ron leapt out of his seat to retrieve the letter. "There's two here. One of them is for me." 

"Then open it. Who's the other one for?" Ginny put as much sarcasm in her voice as possible. Ron really did get on her nerves. 

"Mum" Ron threw the other letter on the table and read the three words and the initial on his paper. 

Sealed the deal. -C

Ron's fists clenched, ripping the parchment in two. His face was as red as his hair. 

"Oh Merlin. Not again." Ginny moaned rolling her eyes. 

Mrs. Weasley entered the kitchen and Ron disapparated. "What's got his wand in a knot?" Mrs. Weasley asked. 

"Who cares?" Ginny groaned. "There's a letter for you." 

Mrs. Weasley picked the letter up off the table. She nodded as she read. "That's what's wrong with him. Oh well." Mrs. Weasley sighed and dropped the letter back on the table to start her morning chores.

Ginny being the nosy girl she is picked up the letter and began reading. 

Hermione has decided to visit me in Romania for the week. Don't worry. We will be back Friday afternoon. But I swear Mum I'm going to marry this girl. 

"Holy shit!" 


AN: IF YOU DID NOT READ THIS ENTIRE CHAPTER: This chapter was Hermione and Charlie's first date. It was most definitely a success! But the first thing Charlie does when he gets a chance is rub it in Ron's face. He also admits to wanting to marry Hermione. 

IF YOU DID READ: Finally! We find out how the odd Hermione/Charlie (Charmione or Hermilie?) come to be. What do you think of Ron's reaction? Ginny's? And what the heck is going on in Hermione's head? 

As always, you are my inspiration. Please rate and review. I love hearing from my loyal readers!

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