Hermione struggles to keep the secrets under the skin of her son away from the rest of her family. As everything she tries to hide unravels she is haunted by what once was and what has come to be.

Just one question. Who is daddy?


1. Promises

She walked down the street carrying the baby boy with flaming red hair and piercing blue eyes. Every head turned as she passed. Not once did she hear an, "Aw! He looks just like you!" She was too happy to care about their wandering eyes. She walked into the market just down the street from her apartment. People in the store stared but would not look her in the eye. Not one dared to make eye contact even though she could feel their eyes. She stood alone in a vacant aisle, deciding between two brands of muggle formula. 

There was a loud pop and she dropped the can she had been holding. Her motherly instincts told her to hold her baby close to her, protecting him from potential harm. A strong hand rested on her shoulder and a familiar voice whispered in her ear from behind. "Hold tight to Titus. We need to go back to the Burrow."

She felt the familiar sensation of being squeezed through a tube, before she opened her eyes to the beautifully crooked house. She did not have long to admire it's grandure before the red-headed man pulled her inside by her elbow. Her son stared up at her with his fathers eyes as she rushed inside. The moment she had set a foot in the door a blood curtailing scream infected her ears. She held Titus close to her chest as she ran up the twisting stairs. The wailing became louder as she entered a room with a single bed.

Six red-headed men surrounded the fiery haired girl who was clinging desperately to a man with jet black hair and a lightning shaped scar. Her mother was dabbing her face with a steaming towel. For a while, she stopped screaming. She stared at the bushy haired girl holding the baby. She didn't stare in the same way those in the grocery had, she stared at her with love and pity in her eyes.

Hermione handed Titus to the single twin and walked over to Ginny, pulling out her wand. The girl let out another scream. Hermione waved her wand over the crying girl. She turned to Harry, "What happened?" 

The boy with the glasses looked scared and confused. He opened his mouth to explain, but nothing came out. It was George who spoke up, "We were all just going about our daily business. Gin was still asleep. Considering it's Saturday, no one thought anything of it. But I was walking by and saw her sitting up, holding the back of her head. Then she just laid down and started screaming. I lifted her up and we found..." he paused while Harry lifted her upper body. Her pillow was drenched in blood which was previously unnoticeable beneath her blood-red hair. There was a bludger sized lump at the base of her scalp. "...that," George finished, pointing at the growth. 

Hermione waved her wand over the absest. She siphoned the blood away and performed an invisibility spell on the back of Ginny's skull. The youngest of the red-headed troop yelped and jumped back in fear. Inside her head was what looked like a purple aardvark fetis. Everyone stood around Ginny in fear as she bit on to Harry's shoulder to stop from screaming. Even Hermione, who was trained for things like that, seemed slightly surprised and afraid, even though she saw things much worse than this on a daily basis. Mrs. Weasley began to cry.

Hermione turned to Bill, "Go get Luna and Xeno," she looked at Harry, "I need you to turn her over on her stomach," she turned back to Bill, "Tell him Gin has a Lethifold nesting in her head, they'll know what I need."

Hermione turned back to Ginny, who was now laying face-down, and began muttering incantations. The purple rodent-like creature began to shrink. Mrs. Weasley was absentmindedly playing with Ginerva's hair, tears running down her plump face. "Hermione?" she quivered, almost inaudibly.

"I can shrink it but I cannot get it out of her head without Derigible Plums. I believe the Lovegoods have a tree in their yard. Then-" 

She was cut off by Ron, who let the fear escape in his voice, "Can't you just kill it?" 

"No, not without harming her. Luna knows the severity of this, she won't be long,"

At that exact moment, Bill walked in the room followed by Luna who was carrying a basket of odd looking radishes. Hermione and Luna began placing the oversized radishes on Ginny's neck. Luna punctured each Derigible Plum with her wand. There was a loud popping noise and the Lethifold that had been in Ginny's head was now hovering over the Plums. Hermione held up her wand, pointed it at the creature and muttered "Expecto Petronum". A silver otter floated out and began to eat the slimy pest. Both Ginny and the Lethifold screeched out in pain. There was a loud bang and an explosion of magenta sparks and the Lethifold and the silver otter were gone. 

Everyone stared at Ginny who was still clawing at her head, although silently. Hermione spoke up, breaking the unbearable silence, "She'll need to be attended to for the next few days. She will be extremely tired and desperately needs her rest. She will not make much sense for about a week, but the affects will wear off fully in about a week and a half," she finished, looking between Harry and Mrs. Weasley, who nodded simultaneously without taking their eyes of Ginny.

Hermione turned around just in time to see Ron take Luna by the hand and lead her out of the crowded bedroom. George handed her a sleeping Titus. It amazed her how he could sleep amid all that chaos. She smiled down at her beautiful son and followed George out of the room. She sat down at the small kitchen table across from Luna and Ron while George went to go fix them some breakfast. 

Luna leaned across to stroke Titus's hair, "He's gotten so big since I saw him last," she smiled.

Hermione beamed at her, proud of her beautiful child. She glanced at Ron who looked at the boy and frowned. He still had not taken to his nephew. He was still upset about what had happened. 

George set a warm formula bottle on the table next to Hermione. She reached for it and he slapped her hand out of the way and placed a plate of eggs and potatoes in front of her. He snatched the bottle off the table and sat down, taking the baby boy from her tired arms. 

"Thank you George," she said, picking up her fork. 

He smiled at her and looked back down at the baby boy. Hermione, Ron, and Luna all stared at him, dumbfounded. He, although, did not seem to notice as he was to busy feeding Titus. It had been the first time anybody had seen George smile without looking guilty since the war. After the first few moments of shock they went back to what they had previously been doing. 

After Hermione and Titus both finished eating, George spoke. His voice was deep but soft as he gazed at the Weasley baby, "Thank you for letting me help with this little guy," George smiled from ear to ear and Titus mimicked him.

"I should be the one thanking you. I couldn't do this all on my own," Hermione sounded upset, her voice shook as if she was about to cry. 

George took his eyes away from the laughing child and began to pet Hermione's hair. "It's okay 'Mione. Everything will be okay," his stunningly blue eyes stared into her Hazel ones, "I promise."</div>

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